ELECTION MEDDLING: Thousands of Democrat Votes “Found” in Florida

ELECTION MEDDLING: Thousands of Democrat Votes “Found” in Florida

In Broward County, Florida, three days after the election, officials are still counting votes. Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis had each apparently won their races for Senate and Governor, respectively, on Tuesday. Now, due to thousands of votes supposedly found in Broward and elsewhere in Florida, both races are within the margin of 0.5%, which would trigger a recount.

On election night, Broward County officials reported that 634,000 votes were cast. As of today, they are reporting 717,000—an 83,000 increase. During that time, Scott’s lead went from about 39,000 votes to 15,000.

It gets even shadier.

The official in charge of counting the votes is Broward County Board of Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes. In May, a judge ruled that Snipes had violated federal law with her actions in the 2016 congressional election, by destroying ballots ten months before federal law allowed.

Brenda Snipes, the real face of election meddling in America.

That isn’t Snipes’ only election violation. From Breitbart:

“Just last year, Snipes’ office was taken to federal court by the American Civil Rights Union, represented by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, after being accused of keeping felons, noncitizens, and dead voters on the voter rolls in Broward County and at one point allegedly having more voters on the rolls than actual voters in the county.”

Snipes was also found to have violated election law by opening mail-in votes in secret.

Somehow, Snipes was allowed to retain her duties for this election, where she is again violating election law. Snipes refuses to say how many votes Broward County has in its possession, and refuses to update the Department of State of its vote tally every 45 minutes, as required by Florida law. Snipes also claims to still be counting early votes, which should have been taken care of days ago according to Florida law:

This is what real election meddling in America looks like. It isn’t coming from Russia. It’s coming from Democrat, mostly non-white, election officials who are stuffing the ballot boxes every election and getting away with it. Here we have a woman who has already been proven to have violated election law multiple times presiding over yet another vote. There is no doubt that many more officials like Brenda Snipes exist throughout the country.

Thankfully, the heat is turning up on the election meddlers. Scott sued Snipes on Thursday night, and called for an investigation into the Broward County election process. My guess is that Snipes and her cronies didn’t exactly do a bang-up job of covering their tracks during this voter fraud scheme. With heavy scrutiny now on them, they may be caught red-handed.

Jay Lorenz

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