France Riots

Many French took to the streets over a fuel tax increase. Much more severe riots are in France’s future if it doesn’t make serious changes.

France Riots

For the past two weeks, France has been plagued by rioting. It was triggered by President Macron’s decision to raise fuel taxes, ostensibly to fight climate change. If lowering carbon emissions is a priority, then the importation of millions of Africans and Muslims into France seems to be a wildly incongruous corollary objective.

A life in the 3rd world releases very little carbon compared to one in the 1st. Thus, it would stand to reason that keeping those people where they are would make a much more substantial difference in emissions than any marginal reduction in fuel consumption by native French drivers. Don’t expect any government agencies to attempt making a statistical comparison.

The interior minister attempted to blame the “far right” for what are clearly protests over economic issues. What’s instructive about observing these events is that economic problems are what it takes for the average person to wake up. For someone on the Dissident Right, the dire implications of simply importing people into the country are alarming enough. However, this hasn’t moved the needle with most people, particularly of the Boomer variety. That’s why the globalist banker Macron easily won last year’s election by offering the prospect of prosperity while Marine Le Pen lost on a platform of national preservation.

It doesn’t appear that the average Frenchman is cognizant of just how much of his productivity and resources are being allocated to his own displacement. Here’s what is easy for someone relatively apolitical from the lower-middle or working class to understand: it’s people like him who keep the lights on, they’re being squeezed hard, and the corrupt ruling class doesn’t care about them. Voilà! You’ve got a riot. It’s an activity to which the French are prone even on a good day.

It doesn’t look to be that big of a deal since it appears to be mostly just French people flipping out. They’ll eventually have to go to work. That’s why these things flared up on weekends. What about people who don’t? That’s where things get very ugly.

The most egregious thus far occurred back in 2005 after a pair of Arab teens electrocuted themselves to death by hiding from police in a power substation. That set off three weeks of mayhem by their racial compatriots. Roughly 9,000 vehicles were torched across 274 localities. Two Frenchman were beaten to death. Buildings such as schools and a Catholic church also went up in flames.

The government and media did their best to play it down since they didn’t want anyone asking obvious questions such as why these feral parasites were even in the country in the first place. It was all blamed on the failure of the French to integrate them and provide more opportunities. The story is the same everywhere, every time.

At this point, France is a country on the brink. Compared to the France of 2005, it’s a much more potent powder keg. It’s clearly becoming ungovernable, and the only solutions considered viable by leaders like Macron are to strip away even more of the already limited civil liberties of the native population.

The National Assembly recently passed a law enabling authorities to deprive radio and television stations of their licenses if they’re “influenced” by foreign governments. Judges can now require internet firms to remove “incorrect or misleading allegations or accusations” about an election. France has never been a free country. Political dissidents, including Marine Le Pen, have frequently been prosecuted as hate-speakers for expressing common sense. Repression will continue to parallel volatility.

The country has been placed in an unsustainable trajectory. Interior Minister Gérard Collomb resigned this fall and predicted a looming sectarian conflict unless things can be corrected within “five or six years.” This of course, would be impossible. The flood into France will not abate. Meanwhile, French births are already down to 2/3rds of the national total.

Macron has stated that Europe and Africa “share a common destiny.” He along with the rest of the EU elite envision an African population on the continent multiples of its current size of just under 10 million. He’s in office for another 4 years. That’s the minimum amount of time it would take before France could even consider shutting off the flow. The entire concept is so suicidally insane that the average person seems to have trouble taking it seriously.

An increasingly beleaguered France will be unable to provide the expected level of subsidies and services to its retirees or the emerging parasitic foreign majority. The human capital simply won’t be sufficient relative to the number of net-takers. This is the decisive factor in the government’s ability to maintain stability. Coercion plays a rather small role in comparison. This is a pattern we’ll see across the West. Unfortunately, France has yet to see a riot quite like anything that could happen less than a decade down the road.

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