In Georgia, It’s All About Race

When Georgians vote for governor on Tuesday, many will have their ethnic interests in mind.

In Georgia, It’s All About Race

The Georgia gubernatorial election is the most racially charged in the entire country. The 56% White, 30% Black state has long had racial divisions. A growing Hispanic cohort (9% for now) has also put pressure on the shrinking White majority. Like in many areas of the country, the race problem is getting worse, and that is manifesting itself in Georgia’s politics.

The Democratic candidate, Stacey Abrams, would be the first Black female governor in the country’s history. She unabashedly promotes that fact, and has a history as a racial activist. Video has surfaced of Abrams burning Georgia’s state flag as a college student in the 90s—Georgia was still using the Confederate flag on its state flag at the time. She claims that burning the flag was actually an act of unity, because it is a symbol of racism. In reality, she wanted to destroy a symbol of Whiteness. Abrams would no doubt enjoy her power as governor to assist in the destruction of White symbols throughout the country, especially of Southerners associated with the Confederacy.

Abrams’ most important racial activism took place working for the New Georgia Project, an organization designed to register non-whites to vote. For years, Abrams worked to get low information, low-IQ voters who would reliably vote Democrat, on the voter rolls. Abrams has courted these same voters in her run for governor. She even went so far as to encourage illegal aliens to vote for her:

Republican candidate Brian Kemp, on the other hand, is running one of the most implicitly pro-White campaigns in the entire country. He is strong on protecting the Second Amendment, and promised to deport illegal aliens in his truck, if he had to:

Kemp has also sought to protect the electoral institutions that Abrams has sought to undermine with her voting schemes. Kemp has implemented an “Exact Match” voting system as secretary of state, which takes people off the voter rolls if they provide a false social security number or use multiple names in federal and state databases. Kemp also removes voters from the rolls who are registered but never vote. Through this system, he has purged 53,000, mostly Black, voters from the rolls.

Blacks are particularly affected by this, because they are more likely to lie on government forms (multiple names, social security numbers), and are more likely to have been registered by a group like the New Georgia Project, which failed to get the information correct. Abrams is mad because Kemp is removing the very people she spent years registering in order to wage demographic war. Kemp knows what he is doing, even stating at a debate, “the reason they’re having these problems is because her canvassers didn’t fill the form out correctly.”

This is yet another example of how universal Democracy is a massive mistake. Kemp’s counter-measures are a good attempt at circumventing its dark side. However, a federal judge has struck down part of Kemp’s law, meaning that it may not have its full effect.

This is probably the best example this election cycle of the real battle that is being fought politically in this country. It isn’t about ideas. It isn’t about tax cuts. It isn’t about healthcare. It isn’t about any of the stuff that most politicians spend their time talking about.

It is about race.

The Georgia race cuts straight to the heart of it. How many non-whites was Abrams able to round up, like cattle, to vote? How much was the Democratic Party able to stuff the ballot box in non-white areas?

Are there enough Whites left to win in Georgia?

Abrams has made a potentially effective gambit to really lay out for the non-white vote. Turnout is everything in midterms, and she constructed an apparatus to drag as many brown and black faces to the polls as possible.

However, Kemp countered strongly by energizing the White Republican base. A boring conservative would be in serious danger here. Abrams is giving non-Whites a reason to vote. Many Republicans refuse to give Whites a reason.

Kemp isn’t one of them.

As the non-white population grows, and the Democrats rely more and more on their votes, Republicans must be willing to fight fire with fire. Non-whites have embraced identity politics, and it’s time for Whites to do the same. A Kemp win will go a long way in proving this.

Jay Lorenz

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