Justice for White Democrats

Non-White Democrats want to take over the Party, and they are not being shy about it.

Justice for White Democrats

Listen up White Democrats, it’s not #YourTime anymore. 2018 should be a wakeup call that the future is coming fast. In fact, it’s coming for you. Representatives Crowley and Capuano found that out the hard way. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley deposed these two 20-year incumbents who never seemed consider that their majority-minority districts would be ill-disposed towards a White politician if a more vibrant choice was made available.

They’ll soon be gone, because selling out their own kind didn’t transform themselves into someone better. They’re both still one of us, and according to the prevailing morality of our times, that’s something inherently bad. There’s no shortage of college courses out there that they could’ve taken in order to learn how their condition renders them unable to understand reality. The same can’t be said for the noble women of color who vanquished them.

These are two dim lightbulbs, but they had the insight to understand that a White man in these districts could be tossed out by whoever stepped up to the plate. The seats were there for the taking. Incumbency and staggering advantages in campaign funding are outweighed by identity.

There’s plenty more to go. Even if a district isn’t majority-minority, minorities generally comprise the majority of the voters a Democrat needs to get elected. An organization called  Justice Democrats is leading the way. Here’s one of its slogans: “Is the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the next Rashida Tlaib, the next Ilhan Omar, or the next Ayanna Pressley in your district?”

That’s a pertinent question for White incumbents. The answer is a resounding YES. Each year, the universities churn out armies of anti-White crusaders with no useful skills whatsoever. The number of lucrative diversity positions is relatively small in comparison. Ocasio-Cortez was working as a bartender. Congress pays way better than a coffee shop. What do they have to lose?

Even better, Justice Democrats is seeking out primary candidates across the country. Although it did endorse some White men this year, Justice Democrats is explicit in looking for “a new generation of diverse working-class Democrats.” Tactically, it makes sense. In the district’s they’ll target, a White incumbent without a current scandal is immune from a White primary challenger.

Once January arrives, they will boast a 7-member congressional delegation: 2 Hispanics, 2 Indians, 2 Muslims, and 1 Black. They’re already looking to recruit and prep candidates for the primaries in 2020. Basically, the core of their political platform is the same old stuff that’s impossible to provide, such as free college and Medicaid for all. It’s essentially Bernie’s Sanders platform coupled with “abolish ICE”. Who is key here, not what.

This is a useful group to keep an eye on in order to see how and where the Democrats will brown in 2020. While we’ll have to wait a year or so before we can see their efforts start coming to be fruition, we can rest assured that White incumbents won’t be sleeping well.

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