Lessons for the GOP

The GOP didn’t get the result it was hoping for in the House yesterday. Did the party learn anything?

Lessons for the GOP


His agenda is the lesson that the GOP should be taking away from the 2018 midterms. His name wasn’t on the ballot, so they lost the House after 8 years. In 2016, the GOP was able to retain control simply by riding on his coattails even as they denounced him.

This time around, it had to point at tangible accomplishments towards fulfilling the most popular parts of his agenda. He presented them with a tremendous opportunity on a golden platter, and they blew it. It’s disappointing, but it’s what they do.

Who were the swing voters who delivered total victory on razor thin margins in 2016? They’re not Republicans, or even “voters” in the sense that many had never bothered voting before, or had given up on the endeavor in disgust. The changes they seek don’t come in the form of a tax cut. Their views are not defined by the MSM. Among this vital demographic, traditional Republicans are often objects of contempt. In order to get them to the polls in a midterm, the GOP had to deliver on the things they want:

– Ending the 3rd World inundation of this country
– Erecting a border wall
– Supporting Blue Collar Workers
– Protecting freedom of speech from the current assault

And what did they deliver? Well, plenty of sanctions on Russia, but none of the above. Meanwhile, the Dems and the MSM worked their base into a frenzy unseen in American history.

In response, the Republicans alienated the disenfranchised margin they needed for victory. It’s why Trump won 2 years ago, and they just lost. 1 to 3% is life and death now. Most of these competitive races were razor-thin. This made a difference.

This is a terrible line of thinking, but many probably took a look at the GOP doing nothing of note, and figured “why waste time voting?” They did nothing, so what difference does it make? He’s not on the line. They’re never going to vote Democrat, but staying home is easy.

Take a look at Virginia; it was a blood bath. 3 incumbents are done. Dave Brat, who primaried House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014, lost a seat held by Republicans since 1971.

Many native Virginians were dismayed, yet forced into silence after the Charlottesville ambush and the assault on their heritage taking place across the state. Getting condemned by a House Resolution endorsed by the GOP only salted the wounds. If Brat is wondering about his 1.5% that stayed home, he should look no further.

In California, Dana Rohrabacher, another commendable Republican, is out after 30 years by the same margin as Brat. This is what was going on all over the place. They’ve got to recognize the constituency that Trump brought to the table rather than distancing themselves from the Dissident Right. Cruz pissed them off 2 years ago and nearly lost his no-longer safe seat on Tuesday.

Considering the serial ineptitude of the GOP, it seems they calculated that they held the House in spite of Trump, not solely because of him. Will they figure out reality en masse in time for 2020? The Kavanaugh confirmation was a glimmer of optimism.

The post-Trump future is grim if they can’t use his presidency to evolve into the White Party. In an age of unprecedented demographic change and mass migration, that’s the only path to retaining any political sway at the national level.

Let’s hope they’re able to learn this time around, because there’s not much time left. If they wait until after Trump, rhetoric like his could be banned from all platforms or even prohibited by law. Nothing but irrelevance would be possible at that point.

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