Modern Women: Subverted and Disruptive

Part one of a series on modern society.

Modern Women: Subverted and Disruptive

This article is part of a 14 part series on various topics on the current and future state of modern society.

Women in 2018 are continuing a trend that was set on course by radical feminism and the sexual revolution in the early and mid-20th century. The advent of the pill and the shifting focus of women from homemakers, wives, and mothers has caused a swift transformation of western women. No longer are western women well-respected matriarchs, but rather they are poor excuses for men. This sad excuse for a man is especially egregious because it disrespects the natural abilities that women possess that are so highly valued when cultivated and nurtured properly. This trend causes women to enter the workforce more, gain higher and higher levels of education and therefore put off having kids or forgo it entirely. No longer is being a mother venerated throughout most of the developed world. This is not uniquely a western problem as China, Japan, and other non-white nations are also experiencing near sub-replacement or sub-replacement fertility rates. This is due at least in part due to a natural phenomenon of women called hypergamy, in which they choose not to date anyone below their social status or SMV (sexual marketplace value). Sadly, they are often victims of their own devices as the system continues to encourage and give unparalleled support to women at the expense and cost of men. Despite women dominating all levels of higher education, they continue to receive spots and scholarships that are denied to men of similar or at times better standing and capabilities. As a result you’re seeing more women in the workforce at the expense of men. The overall workforce participation rate isn’t historically higher on a significant level, or any level, except for with women. What we’re seeing has been a displacement of men at the benefit of women. This bears out in the data as you look at the overall workforce participation rate of men languishing near record lows. I would argue this also negatively efforts the overall economy as women are shown to work less hours and be less willing to take on extra responsibility in the workplace.

All that the “advancement” and “empowerment” of women has resulted in is less happy women (data also bears this out in longitudinal studies of women self-reporting happiness, dropping steadily since the 1970s, and ultimately dropping below that of men, whereas they used to be the happier gender). It has caused women who might’ve raised a wonderful household of excellent children and been the beau of a hardworking, ambitious man into shrill, ugly, unfeminine globs of fempowerment. The future doesn’t look any better.

The future of women is a continuation of the current trends of masculinization and career focus as fertility rates drop. I look to South Korea as a glimpse into the future as their fertility rate drops to a near sub-1 level. Watching this test country (God rest their hopeless souls) will surely prove as a preview of what awaits the rest of the developed world should we fail to right the ship. Women will continue to grow more masculine and have less children, albeit I don’t think intentionally. Women are the more impressionable and more susceptible (to influence) gender. This is borne out in studies that show women generally look to what others are doing (considerably so in dating) to base their own behavior upon. As the onslaught of encouragement for women to forgo (or postpone) families and attain higher education levels (MBA, MA, MD, PhD, etc) while corporate globohomo continues to prioritize women over men in the feminized PC, workplace, women will increasingly flock to sperm donors and IVF. I haven’t read much upon the adoption habits of women but I find it difficult to believe that many women will choose to satisfy their biological needs of procreation/parenting via the adoption route as many people can barely stand their own kids and would shy away from raising someone else’s progeny. However, the average age at first birth will continue to rise (past 26 from recent numbers) and as it does will cause fewer and fewer successful births (as women are prone to decreasing fertility at an increasing rate as they reach 30). As a result, the fertility rate will continue to decline. As it does there will be fewer women, and even fewer that are suitable for a wife which will continue to drive up their value in a lopsided sexual marketplace (men are increasing having difficulty dating or securing even moderately attractive women despite a solid (7 and above) SMV. Because of women’s increased value, they will be able to make increasingly ridiculous and insidious demands and increase their pursuit of high value men.

There may be some hope however. As fathers begin to see the pozification of women in society they (a small number of conservative, likely white, likely non-cucked protestant Christians) may begin to increasingly hold their daughters out of college or situations that may compromise their innocence. This will cause a stratification of women as there will be a small few that are vied for and only accessed by select men that at least share some semblance of the values that their protective fathers currently hold in addition to the regular status, physicality, and resource requirements that currently apply.

Another point of hope may come in the collapse of the college money extortion scheme (in addition to Marxist indoctrination, check out before and after college pics of girls and feminism, it’s not pretty and actually very sad). As we near the end of the current economic cycle, it is likely that more and more student loan debtors will start defaulting. As the whole system finally collapses (approximately $1.5 trillion of student loan debt), women may no longer find value in the currently (nearly) valueless piece of paper that says you regurgitated the correct opinions on the correct subjects. When this finally occurs, we may see some return to normalcy as the pair-bonding ability of women may stop taking the same hit it does when they have too many sexual partners (and permanently and irreparably damage said pair-bonding ability). So, while I fully acknowledge they may not hop off the carousel entirely, they may not have the same easy access or pressure to sleep around as is available in college or may be limited in their access via protective fathers, brothers, uncles, etc (as it used to be). However, this is not counting the caveat of potentially increased access to higher value SMV males via nearly all women (80%, see the 80/20 rule for dating) which could be accomplished via even more degenerate means (than tinder/bumble/etc) of which may be specifically geared towards this exact purpose (such as an app or service like the current sugar daddy search systems).

However, the happenings of these women will not occur in isolation. It will transpire like the yin and yang of the orient with men and their counterbalancing reactions.

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