Scandal Fatigue: A Double-Edged Sword

A never-ending stream of fake scandals has left people numb to the real thing.

Scandal Fatigue: A Double-Edged Sword

by Anonymous Honky

For the past two years, we have been hard-pressed to miss some overpaid “journalist” gasping and shocked at some non-event at the White House. The innumerable Trump scandals, most of them imagined by a feverish, eternally adolescent left, have left sane America with a bad taste in their mouth about “journalism” and with a serious case of scandal fatigue.

This works well for us, because generating actual outrage by sane America for anything Mueller produces in his upcoming report short of Satanic ritual murders (which is clearly John Podesta’s territory) or 4K quality video of Trump and Putin making out will be impossible. In other words, the left’s perpetual hysteria has simply outmatched sane America’s ability to keep up.

Even if somehow Lurch the Grand Inquisitor manages to bully someone into perjuring themselves against Trump, I think most people either won’t care or will be mad about having this shoved in their faces yet again.

The mujahedeen left doesn’t see the backlash coming, because for them politics is life. They carefully curate their Facebook feeds so their constant stream of communist drivel and alternative fact-based memes don’t get interrupted by updates from family members. Their appetite for this kind of thing is as endless as their ignorance of how civil society is supposed to work.

Where scandal fatigue will hurt us is apparent now. Yet again, the liars and thieves of Broward County, Florida’s election committee worked to steal an election from Republicans. Brenda Snipes is under “preliminary” investigation, and despite her proven track record of questionably legal skullduggery, she was allowed to remain in charge.

There is not a serious, full-throated demand by the people of Broward County to have her immediately expelled, because this just another drop in the bucket of corruption. In fact, Snipes’s misdeeds of blatant voter fraud and election meddling were somewhat successful. The sunshine State was forced to conduct two recounts based on late results. This is yet another instance where scandal fatigue bites us in the rump, as there is less chance this will be fully and properly investigated.

We can’t forget these actual scandals. We have to not only remember, but do everything we can to alert people when the we see the real thing.

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