When Cucking Goes Wrong

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly gave an extremely awkward answer on diversity at Monday’s debate.

When Cucking Goes Wrong

Joe Donnelly, a White Democratic senator up for reelection in Indiana, tried to tout his diversity credentials at a Senate debate on Monday. Instead of delivering the conciliatory message that Democrats want to hear on race, Donnelly came off as extremely patronizing, and gave credence to the idea that “Democrats are the real racists.” Watch the incredibly cringe-worthy response:

It’s moments like these that make it obvious that the Democrats don’t believe their own rhetoric on diversity. Non-Whites are simply political pawns to them. Donnelly’s default opinion clearly is that non-Whites typically do not do a good job. This is why he used “but” instead of “and”—they are doing well despite their race according to Donnelly.

The Democratic Party has been full of moments like this recently, as it increasingly becomes the party of non-Whites. Older Whites are trying to ingratiate themselves to their new constituents and the new party. The results are sad and pathetic.

Jay Lorenz

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