Whites Will Give Republicans a Midterm Victory

Whites Will Give Republicans a Midterm Victory

By Peter

Historically, the party that doesn’t control the presidency (the “out-party”) has had a tremendous built-in advantage in mid-term elections. This was largely based upon the fact that our politics were class-based. The Republicans were generally pro-business, promoting lower taxes and less business regulation, while the DemonCraps promoted more social services. Ergo, voters would naturally want a balance. Plus voters would inevitably be disappointed by the president’s unfulfilled promises, and, being out-of-power, the out-party’s voters were thirstier. It was really that simple. But no more.

Now our politics have become racial. To be sure, the vast majority of white voters are NOT pro-white. Rather, they’re merely anti-antiwhite. This is enough though, because they correctly perceive the Demons as anti-white, and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY whites are feeling threatened. The more caravans that invade us, the more whites feel threatened, and the more immune we feel to the Jews’ demands for out group-empathy and altruism. “What if you were in the caravan? Wouldn’t you want to come to the united states and get free everything forever?”

Because whites are (1) feeling threatened, and (2) have an overt nationalist in the White House, whites are motivated to vote, not so much for individual candidates, but for any Republican because they know that, with very few exceptions (I’m looking at you, John James), it furthers President Trump and his policies.

For this reason, I am going to go out on a limb and not only predict that the Republicans make gains in the senate, but that they pick up Montana and Florida. I am going to go even further and predict that they win at least some of the contested senatorial elections in the Upper Midwest, to wit, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“You’re crazy! Look at the polls!!! Why are you trying to make Fash the Nation look bad???” Look at both the presidential and senatorial polling in the Upper Midwest in 2016. The conventional “wisdom,” including amongst Republicans in the Comentariat, was that the Republicans would be wiped out in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Yet all three of those elections were won. Even in Minnesota, the President only lost because Egg McMuffin siphoned enough votes away to give Hellary the victory there.

“But how can all the polls be so wrong???” Part of it is, I believe, not understanding the changing nature of our politics. I have said for years that the Upper Midwest is low-hanging fruit for Republicans – if only they would drop their unpopular free trade ideology. Finally they had a candidate who did so and he swept the region. Another part is that pollsters don’t understand that whites feel threatened; and we have a candidate who at least implicitly appeals to us as whites. In other words, I don’t believe that Jeb! or Little Marco could have pulled off a victory in this region. Another part is of course bias. If the polls are so bad in a particular area, then Republicans are gaslit against donating to candidates early on when they need the money. Republicans also will stay home. Don’t believe me? How many don’t bother to vote in Commie-fornia or Jew York because they feel it’s hopeless?

I’m also going to take this further. I predict the Republicans will GAIN in the House.

“How can that be??? What about all the Republican congressmen in districts won by Hellary?” Are you stupid? The entire House is up for election every two years. If being in a Hellary district was enough to cause their defeat, then they all would have been wiped out two years ago, when there were far more Demons voting in the first place.

On that score, the Demonic coalition doesn’t come out in mid-terms because they’re composed of low-agency people, i.e. nonwhites and college kids who are too busy smoking mariJewwanna. Nor are non-whites particularly motivated to come out because, unlike whites, they don’t feel threatened, and their economic prospects are rising under the fascist reign of Der Drumpfenfuhrer. Sure, cat ladies are gaslit to come out, but there just aren’t enough of them, and they tend to be huddled in blue states anyway.

This is my first article for Fash the Nation. So if it turns out I have made any errors, please assign them to me alone. Conversely, if I am right, please credit what I have written to Fash the Nation for having the boldness and foresight to publish it. Thank you for reading.

Jazzhands McFeels

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