Why You Should Vote Republican

Why You Should Vote Republican

By Guest Writer

The Democrat Party is the party that wants your white children to grow up in a majority nonwhite country where the media, academia, and Hollywood will continue to incite non-whites to hate them and incite your children to hate themselves for no other reason than the color of their skin. And ultimately they want to suppress your right and ability to complain about and fight against the things that your hard earned tax dollars pay for.

The Democrats may not be the party of the KKK, as conservatives laughably suggest, but they are the party that hates whites for merely existing and they are each a million times more hateful than anyone on the far right. Because the far right doesn’t want to impose an eternal burden on non-whites, as Democrats are imposing on us via mass welfare to non-whites, mass invasions from non-white countries, mass reparations to Israel and other countries in military and financial aid, and infrastructure-crippling free trade deals with foreign nations. We just want separate spaces so that our families and communities can exist, grow up, and prosper.

If whites become a minority, the last organization with any power to advocate for your children, the Republican Party, will be marched to the grave, and you’ll watch this nation descend into something like South Africa, where 30 years ago, they had nukes and gun rights. Then they ended apartheid and the nonwhite majority stripped them of both and now white farmers have the highest murder rate in the world, 3 per 1,000 annually. And they are not just murdered, but they are often brutally tortured, raped and then killed in front of the rest of their family. The difference is that South African whites can technically still flee to safer havens in Western countries. If we lose this country, there may be nowhere else for your children to escape to.

So go out and vote Republican for the sake of your children and grandchildren. Get out there and vote. NOW.

Jazzhands McFeels

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