California to Consider Taxing Text Messages

California to Consider Taxing Text Messages

As if the Golden State wasn’t troublesome enough with their carbon emission decrees, and allegiance to illegals, some lawmakers have proposed a tax on text messaging. Yes you read that correctly, The California Utilities Commission is scheduled for a vote next month. Not only would this initiative cost locals an extra $44 million a year, but lawmakers are also considering retroactively charging people for their last five years of texts. Of course, this is all in the name of equality and helping low income people afford cell phones. I wonder if anyone on that commission appreciates the irony of making coverage available to low income people by charging more to those who can barely afford it now.

“It’s a dumb idea. This is how conversations take place in this day and age, and it’s almost like saying there should be a tax on the conversations we have.”
— Jim Wunderman, Bay Area Council president

Ever the dutiful capitalists, cell phone providers in the area wasted no time ratting out their competition Facebook and WhatsApp, complaining that the proposed legislation wouldn’t affect those service providers. Instead of arguing against the legality or intelligence of such a law, the cell phone companies are more than happy to apply such ridiculous charges to their customers. Even on the retroactive part, if it gets considered, these corporations would not give any resistance to at all. It would fall on the citizens to bring a legal case against this ludicrous proposition. This is how a California law could balloon out of control very easily if a Utility Commission can force legislation to affect global communication applications like Facebook. This already happens now with carbon emissions, because California has set its own rules so manufactures conform to it for all production models to make it easier on themselves. New engines being built require exhausts which have catalytic converters, which changes a few hundred dollar replacement into a few thousand dollar one.

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