Democrats Want Another Tax Cut for Wealthy

Democrats Want Another Tax Cut for Wealthy

Not to be out shined by pompous European elitism, American leftists have begun talking about their future legislative plans. During the worst riots to occur across the pond in the last 50 years, Democrats felt that now was a good time to talk about lower taxes for the rich. Congressman Richard E Neal floated the idea of repealing the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions that were fixed by President Trump’s overhaul last year. Some people may be shocked by this development, but I have a feeling those people don’t read Fash the Nation.

Last year, Richard Neal was the ranking member of the Ways and Means Committee, and was chosen by DNC leadership to be the one to counter-signal the tax cuts. His primary criticism focused on an increase to the deficit, and how the loss of that tax revenue would threaten funding for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. Apparently Mr. Neal has the memory of a goldfish, because his latest scheme would see a $680 billion tax cut. The Tax Policy Center reports that 96% of this plan would benefit the top 20% of Americans, while the “left-leaning Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy” says that the top 1% will see 63% of the benefits. There were two dozen GOP House members who broke rank and did not support the President’s tax cuts because they were from California or New York. Even though those states are heavily blue, and will never vote right, these “conservatives” were upset that their richest constituents would get one less tax deduction.

Even though no legislation has been proposed, two think tanks found Mr. Neal’s announcement credible enough to take the time and compile what the results would be. The original deduction was reduced as a trade off for the lowered tax rate wealthier Americans currently enjoy, but Democrats aren’t used to having to make compromises. Unsurprising is the fact that Nancy Pelosi promised to address the “issue,” and championing this cause appears to have helped her win the speakership. Senator Van Hollen (D) can be quoted as saying the DNC has options to offset this potential loss of revenue, however he contradicts himself. Hollen said, “That’s one of our principles: is that we shouldn’t be providing big tax breaks to millionaires…” except that’s exactly what this proposal would accomplish. I guess once you take a sip of the Kool Aid it’s hard to break free from post modernist inverse logic newspeak. The second contradiction he mentioned was that money corporations have saved overseas could be taxed at a higher rate, but that money would be collected by the Feds, not by the states which would see the shortfall.

Democrats couldn’t even wait until Bernie Sanders was peacefully six feet underground to drop the mask and embrace full globo-homo-gayplex. This proposal would see a massive loss of local revenue, because going back to the old code means wealthy Americans are covered by higher deductions paid for by Uncle Sam, and that would further erode individual state’s autonomy. Neocon and Neoliberal ideology both lead down the same path: full corporate, dystopian, Mad Max style planet Detroit, lorded over by a secular ruling class. This is a basic DR3 talking point in regards to illegal aliens, but it seems to be the intended fate of us all: the establishment wants a permanent underclass of economic serfs who will do all the hard jobs, but exist in such an atomized and complacent state that they will never be able to challenge the ruling order. This is the ultimate objective of the j-left elites, and the Democrats are signaling that they are more than willing to abandon any form of pretext or nuisance to fulfill this agenda.

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