Hindsight 2020: Episode 2

Democrats scramble to get their campaign infrastructure in order before the end of the year.

Hindsight 2020: Episode 2


Welcome back to Hindsight 2020. I am your host, Sloan Kettering.
Campaign season is finally upon us as the Democratic primary has started to pick up momentum since our last episode.

Preliminary Data
Currently, the Democrats are working to streamline the primary election process with a more balanced debate format. According to the Washington Post:
“Chairman Tom Perez and his team have been meeting for months with 2016 campaign advisers and other stakeholders to find a way to improve the debate process, while accommodating the unusually large class of credible potential candidates, which could number more than 20 by spring.”
Next up, let’s take a look at which Democrats have recently visited Iowa. This includes:
Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Senator Cory Booker
Senator Kamala Harris
Senator Bernie Sanders
Former Vice President Joe Biden
The Hawkeye State is important to watch because the Iowa Caucuses kick off the first voting in the presidential election cycle.
Next, we look at a recent CNN poll, which put former VP Joe Biden at the top of the pack with 33% support, followed by Senator Sanders with 13% support, Senator Kamala Harris coming in at third with 9% support, and Senator Warren close behind with 8%.
Recently, several Democrats have made the decision to stay on the bench in 2020. Among them is notable pornstar lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who made an official statement on Twitter announcing he would not mount a campaign in 2020. That’s all I’m going to say about him, because that guy is a douchebag.

The Democrats: Key Players
I’d rather focus on the Democrats who are running, though. What’s Beto O’ Rourke up to? Well, for starters, he met with former President Obama in a move that almost guarantees he will be an official candidate on the ballot in 2020. Not only did he meet with Obama, but he also had a meeting with race-baiter, Rev. Al Sharpton.
As I’ve previously mentioned, former VP Joe Biden is currently leading the pack of Democratic contenders. However, he still hasn’t made a firm decision on whether or not to run yet. Despite all the media buzz over him lately, there’s little of any substance to report right now. But don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely on my radar.
Senator Elizabeth Warren is another popular contender. She has the name ID, fundraising ability, and campaign apparatus to have a decent shot. Too bad she royally screwed herself by taking that DNA test. She pretty much pulled off the Kurt Cobain of political suicide. Anyways, I’ll continue to keep tabs on her since she does appear to be eyeing a bid.

The Democrats: The JV Players
So, who else has joined in on the hype surrounding 2020? Well, there’s former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently made a trip to Iowa to test the waters; however, Bloomberg reportedly said he wouldn’t be looking at anything too seriously until after the new year.
And finally, there’s Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who was recently the subject of a fawning piece in New York Magazine. Senator Brown has never been that active on the national stage, so right off he would struggle with name recognition. We’ll see what he does, but Brown may be more well suited as a democratic VP pick in 2020.

The Republicans
On the Republican side of things, the RNC has been quietly using Trump’s popular rallies to build a massive voter database for 2020. In fact, the Trump campaign’s voter database may very well be the biggest and most valuable of its kind. A large database like this is a central part of any campaign, because the voter contact info is used to drive more reliable voters out to the polls.

Well, that is all for this episode of Hindsight 2020. Transcripts of the show will be available on Fash the Nation dot com along with links to the articles I sourced.
I probably won’t be back with another update until after the holidays, but who knows.
This has been Hindsight 2020 and I am Sloan Kettering, signing off.

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