Modern Family and Marriage: The Crumbling Foundation of Our Society and Future

Part Three of a Series on Modern Society

Modern Family and Marriage: The Crumbling Foundation of Our Society and Future

This piece is part three of a 14 part series on modern society. Here are links to Part One and Part Two

Marriage and family has been attacked from many angles. At the current moment there has never been a higher percentage of the population that is unmarried regarding women. This is due to many reasons. As we’ve discussed before, women’s true nature and unfettered hypergamy has caused a dramatic shift in the standards (really unreasonable expectations and inflated self-worth) of the modern woman. As a result she usually shoots too high, or doesn’t focus on looks and feminine nature and winds up 35+, childless, and dissatisfied with her available options for men. However this is just one aspect of the family degradation that has occurred. No fault divorce, child custody laws (in which women gain custody over 80% of the time), and the tilted family courts have disincentivized men (the initiators of marriage) from ever beginning the process and causes them to opt out entirely. With the advent of video games and online (free) pornography, men can virtually fuck and conquer countless women and 100’s of worlds, all from the comfort of their home. In truth, men don’t have very high standards for what they desire in a wife, but even that relatively lower bar has become too high for an increasing number of women. In times long past, women were encouraged to aspire to beauty, femininity, and even feminine deference to their husband. Sadly, something that has been lost in time is the abhorrence of, and resulting rise of, the “strong woman” that #1 doesn’t naturally exist, and #2 conflicts with nearly all masculine men. Good men don’t want strong women, they want composed, self-confident, submissive, feminine women who are going to listen to them when they talk and do what they’re asked.

This however has another dynamic to it. Usually marriages are based upon shared interests and values, and approximately 80% of the time they also share a racial aspect (within the US). Because, as stated previously, women are more susceptible to outside influences, particularly so when considering mate selection, propaganda has been aimed at women to also abandon their racial heritage in relationships. Interracial relationships are pushed upon white women (and men, but to a lesser degree) to pair with those outside their race (particularly so when considering white women and black men). Even if these women don’t marry these black men, by merit of copulating with them they are often ruined in the eyes of many race conscious white men, and often times even those who aren’t fully red pilled on race (as they usually have even a gut level understanding of potential microchimeric or even telegonic effects of race mixing). This is relevant to the marriage and family discussion because as more and more white women deny their heritage and burn coal, they often permanently disqualify themselves from marriage to a white man and therefore further destabilize the family fabric of America (and other western white countries).

Additionally, men are no longer allowed to lead in the biblically suggested fashion that formed the basis for many successful societies. While I personally hold the biblical view of household structure to be best, analogous structures throughout time (re:patriarchal) have shown themselves the most effective in holding together societies and advancing human flourishing, while minimizing the fuckery that is occurring in current times. This hamstringing, as well as general humiliation (think Disney Channel fatherly portrayals, as well as most commercials) has a profound effect on society, as it further continues the loss of frame by men. Without this dictation of reality (what I’ve been calling frame) by men, we are unable to maintain heritage and further see the browning of America by daughters either failing to procreate or doing so with a black, hispanic, or otherwise non-white character. Sons are no longer taught the ways of their fathers and grandfathers and daughters are no longer watched over and cared for in the same fashion by their fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins. We have truly lost the familial aspect of this relationship, due to many causes, but at least due in part to the rising age at first birth which further robs families of intergenerational connections and knowledge (and cultural) continuity. In the past it wasn’t uncommon to have 4 generations in one room. Now, it is becoming rarer and rarer to have even 3 generations in the same room in which the youngest is old enough to understand and internalize the valuable lessons of each generation.

This also ties back into the previous section regarding youth culture. Because families have destabilized it has led to the rise of the aforementioned youth culture, more so as a result of little to no familial influence via intergenerational contact and broader interconnected extended family networks. This in turn further destabilizes families by not allowing for further family formation via previously listed race mixing as well as lack of familial support. In earlier times husbands and wives had a broader family network to help support them during both easy and difficult times. Now, hardly any support exists for married couples and even worse broader society actively encourages a childless, commitment free life, making even healthy relationships that much harder by forcing couples to fight against the broader ethos of our culture. In addition, if fights occurred in past times, other wives, mothers, and grandmothers would help with and encourage reconciliation between the two. Hopefully they’d encourage the woman to follow their man’s lead and to submit to his wishes, even if she disagreed. But now in current times women have no such network, and as a zeitgeist of the cultural ethos, often have “girl-friends” that encourage a “strong woman” attitude, and that their men should “just listen to them” and that they “can’t figure out why he just won’t listen, or give in”. They actively sow discord in the sacred halls of marriage. In addition, men often have cucked male friends or exist in a world in which their colleagues (both male and female) discourage strong male leadership and encourage female leadership and supremacy. They must be careful because any leadership that is too strong is “abusive” or “controlling”. This is, in all reality, a complete falsehood. Women, for most of recorded history, have not been in control and in charge of themselves. I don’t believe they possess the true ability to be responsible for themselves in a manner similar to men. In fact, a good portion of men are unable of being responsible for themselves. So to insist that women are indeed equal in this manner to all men, is absurd and surely a result of our subverted society. Women, when faced with the strong authority of a man will often react like children, throwing tantrums and fits of rage. And anyone who knows anything about children knows you don’t give in to their tantrums and demands if you want to maintain any semblance of authority. However, as we’ve seen, if men attempt to hold their authority in the face of objections by women they’re often labeled abusive and at times even thrown in jail for simply not caving to the pozzed reality we currently exist in (if their insane wife wants to gender-bend their son or daughter but they disagree, for example). It’s clown world plus a psychotic toddler’s birthday all in one. Needless to say this isn’t very conducive to the formation and maintenance of immediate (re:nuclear) or extended families.

However, there is hope. If we carefully begin to make changes at the family level and slowly initiate a reconstruction of culture and positive familial connections and influence, I do believe we can begin to recover in 2-3 generations. The road back will undoubtedly be more difficult than has been the fall from grace. This is simply the case because many who wish to rebuild this structure of times lost have often not seen it, nor have they even had any consequential connection with as little as 2nd or 3rd hand knowledge of what the reality of said structures were like. However, we did go to moon with very simple computers, so I don’t think this is entirely out of the realm of possibility. But like our endeavors to the moon we did have some fuck ups along the way, and unlike the Apollo missions, I don’t think we’ll give up on the family as easily as we did on continued moon access. Everything else aside, the moon metaphors fits even better because as the strong, western, white people we are, even our miss aimed at the moon will surely land among the stars. A family structure 50% better than what we’re experiencing writ large is surely 1000x times better than no family at all, because without healthy white children, there is no white future.

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