Modern Men: Shells of Their Former Glory

Part Two of a Series on Modern Society.

Modern Men: Shells of Their Former Glory

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Men in the modern age retain some of their previous glory of times long past, but only in small, isolated, and largely separate (think completely outside of or only retaining tangential connections to) current society. These men are the infantry and special forces troops, loggers, factory workers, etc in 90%-plus male professions that retain (by necessity) some of their masculine traits and culture. These are often lower paying jobs, or at least jobs that aren’t cushy six-figure air-conditioned office (re: soul sucking) jobs. However, men as a whole aren’t so lucky.

Men are largely trending in a negative direction in many ways. Firstly, it has been a recent topic of discussion that men indeed are becoming bigger and bigger pussies over time. It isn’t just your Dad being a hardass. Recently discussed on Tucker (Fox) and throughout other sources, men’s testosterone levels have been dropping steadily for decades. If you’ve seen the “try guys” at Buzzfeed, who I would argue adequately represent a large swath (plurality?) of our current western society (and other developed nations, re: Japan, etc), had testosterone levels that are lower than that of men near death at age 80. In fact I have a family member near 70 who had total T levels near 100 ng/dcl higher than the highest Buzzfeed guy. Fucking degenerates. But also it’s unclear if any of the blame lies with these men. Do they lift weights? Are they vegan (faggots)? Do they have any masculine influences that may help them raise their T? Were they fucked at birth due to genetics? I am unsure on this issue, but am sure that the blame that lies with them is not 0%. However I do know that the advent and almost inescapable use of plastics is also not 0% to blame. Plastics are everywhere and are undoubtedly responsible for some of the decline in T because they have chemicals that cause a disruption in the natural testosterone levels of men. Soy production has largely increased in recent years and also shares some blame (not 0%). I would also argue that a failure to eat meat by some men or families may also contribute to the problem. The increasing difficulty of men to succeed in increasingly feminized schools (more on this later) is also contributing to this problem, as it is shown that men who make less than their partners (which is more likely as women continue to be lifted up in school, college, and corporate America) mark a drop in their testosterone. I would also argue that a loss of the male competitive (re: masculine) spirit is to blame as well, via competitions between men raising testosterone. If men were encouraged to compete via inter and intra-group competition, I whole heartedly believe we would see less of a decrease in masculinity and testosterone, and as a result a much healthier society in many ways.

Because men are trending in a negative direction both biologically and culturally (via castration of the masculine spirit) many are no longer able or willing to resist the more destructive elements of our society that warp perceptions, traditions, and allow for subversion of 100s of years of success and 1000s of years of breeding and family lineage. This may be due in part to the failing polarization of women, creating women that are more androgynous or even masculine presenting than many men. As women become less of a prize and motivation to conquer foes, explore the unknown, and risk it all, we see less men willing to do so (and as a result, women further become less polarized creating an awful feedback loop). And I honestly don’t blame them. I encourage all to fight against it, revolt against this modern world. But needless to say I understand if they choose not to. It is very difficult to fight for and prepare for a person, situation, or moment that, with every passing day, seems less likely to come. However, we must not lose hope and must continue to re-forge a path that was lost or forgotten well before we took our first breath.

Men have lost their ability to express affection for other men for fear of being called gay through a conscious and concerted effort. While I do not support homosexuality, I do feel as though masculine friendship, which is capable of bonding on levels that women are incapable of comprehending, is beneficial to both the individual man and society in ways that are so long lost they are difficult for someone like me (who has only seen a glimpse of what I imagine it was like) to truly comprehend. I once read a biography on Lincoln, and he was cited as consistently expressing literal love for one of his pen pals. I do not long for this time again but rather wish to illustrate that efforts have been made to limit the bonding of men into groups (specifically white groups) from forming because an atomized (lonely and addicted to drugs) society is easier to control. Make no mistake, some of this is by accident, but largely it is by design.

There has been a concerted effort to feminize, delegitimize, and biologically castrate (re: dropping sperm counts) men at both the societal and individual level. When this started is unclear, but at the very least it began in part when men allowed (yes, they allowed, as they were the only ones who could vote at the time) women to gain suffrage. This was truly the beginning of so many woes of our society. A very easy, non-controversial point that can be made about this is that government spending immediately ballooned (and hasn’t stopped since). The problem that women’s suffrage caused is that it has plunged our country (and the world really) on a journey that is being steered by radical and suicidal empathy. Men are naturally more rational and more logical, as well as more capable of handling the stresses of the world. This is the way God designed them. He designed them to provide, protect, to project the future and plan for it. He designed them to be hard and heavy handed (when needed) and to keep his children and women in line to ensure their safety and the continuation of the generations after generations of knowledge that had been earned through blood and sweat. Because men (most of them) do need to exist in society they have had to conform to the newly ingrained standards that are largely feminine (re: care-based morality). This blue-pill conditioning starts at a young age.

Many men are largely even unaware of their conditioning, but make no mistake, they are under the guise of it. Even those well down the red-pill rabbit hole are still undoing the conditioning they’ve endured through largely feminized schools (both in structure, culture, and literal composition with approx. 70% of school teachers being women) and an over-emotional, feels-based society. But sadly even those who have begun their deconditioning will find that society writ large will actively fight and punish you for simply noticing. Notice that men are usually better at certain things? Sexist. Notice some races commit disproportionate amounts of crime? Racist. Heaven forbid you mention race and IQ you white nationalist.

These listed problems are problems with men because men have traditionally been and are designed to be the arbiters of frame (a dictation of reality) both in the micro and macro. Men have truly lost the frame on nearly every level. The only acceptable masculine sphere allowed anymore is that of hookup sex in which men are still allowed to measure their manhood via any yard stick (notch count). However, if you desire to step into a relationship (re: marriage), have kids, and want your daughters to be better than the 10’s of Stacy’s and Becky’s you (or another Chad) ran through, you’re suddenly a controlling misogynist for desiring to limit their degeneracy. Women used to be dismissed, and rightfully so, as hysterical (the root of the word was from Greek meaning uterus) and hyper emotional. We used to acknowledge that women had different (not always bad) ways of thinking and reasoning. It used to be obvious that a man was better for work and battle than women. And conversely, we fully acknowledged women’s clear advantage in regards to infant and child rearing (and homemaking). Why would women give up a free ride (re: stay at home mom) for the corporate grind? I am convinced that this has also been a concerted effort. But regardless I see men as responsible for retaking the frame because they are intended to be the leaders and are less susceptible to the propaganda that is bombarding people at all levels of society. If we are to have any hope moving forwards, it must be men that lead the charge. However, this process won’t be easy, and it won’t happen quickly.

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