Modern Race Relations: Intentional Misdirection

Part Five of a Series on Modern Society

Modern Race Relations: Intentional Misdirection

This is part five of a series on modern society. Here are the links to Part OnePart TwoPart Three, and Part Four

Modern views on race and race relations are so far twisted from reality that it’s difficult to determine where the giant shit show begins and where it ends. We ignore racial tendencies and traits unless they’re white traits, and even then we don’t actually notice trends but rather manufacture them. The meme of “most terrorists” and “violent incidents” being from “right-wing extremists” is a common refrain, culminating in the “white-guy ban” called for by Don Lemon. However, as most of you may already know, white men aren’t disproportionately represented in really any kind of terrorism or violence. We’re the good guys. One of the best parts of this meme is when they start including total terror deaths right after 2001. Makes you wonder what happened that year for them to disclude it. Couldn’t have been the biggest terror attack in our history, perpetrated by inbred middle easterners (look up the inbreeding levels on a national scale, the middle east is by far the worst due to the common practice of first cousin marriage in Islam). In addition, if you look at the global level, middle eastern muslims are most responsible for the broad majority of terrorism at nearly every scope of time and geography. But no, please ban white men because misclassified prison shankings put white men into a relevant category for “terrorism” and “right-wing extremism”. This doesn’t even begin to cover the myriad other racial sins and intentionally misleading propaganda that globohomo has been shoving down white America’s throat for quite some time.

A highly overlooked topic is the sexual assaults and rapes in America and who they’re committed by. At the college I attended I remember questioning a girl on the number (approximately 4-6) of administrative organizations that were dedicated to sexual assault cases and prevention at my school and whether or not they had any relevant effect on the focus of their efforts. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of her, not only because she wasn’t, but also because she was intentionally blowing smoke to disguise the fact that said programs were just sinecures for ideologically similar fellows who would pretend to do something. I wish I had known the stats I now know regarding who is much more likely to be doing the raping (hint: it’s not white guys).

As I’ve gone deeper and deeper down the red pill rabbit hole, I’ve found myself seeing more and more coincidences. As recently mentioned in FTN, 100% of the members of the house of representatives that have committed financial crimes within the past 10 years are from the congressional black caucus. 100%. If that was their racial baseball batting average, they’d be all-stars. Even if you go back 20 years it only drops to 80%. Again, they’d be all-stars in the MLB. But this point goes deeper. The refrain (again from either TDS or FTN) that sticks out in my mind is “Import the third world, become the third world.” This becomes clearer to me with each passing day. I try to take the Jared Taylor stance on a lot of this by even going so far as to say that blacks might prefer loud and raucous communities and neighborhoods. That’s honestly fine by me, so long as that diversity and enrichment (and violence and drugs) isn’t forced upon America as it is now, let them have their ghettos in Africa. Hispanics aren’t quite as bad on some stats but something like 25% of all federal murder convicts are illegal immigrants, and the broad majority of those are illegal Hispanics from all over that blessed land bridge connecting us to South America. Even more so, stats like these cement into my mind the intentional ignorance that is indoctrinated into the hearts and minds of nearly every soul in our nation. It honestly sickens me because if most people were aware, and even when they are made aware of these many “coincidences” around race and their corresponding societal outcomes, they would and do change their tune regarding said situations.

As I mention in my bio, I went to an Ivy League school. I’m not saying this to brag but rather to tell you what I saw there so you’re aware of what many of the leaders of our nation both now and in the future have gone through and are going through indoctrination wise. I am a white guy. I’m a straight white guy who is also Christian. I’m basically the devil to most people there. I felt it. And after learning statistics regarding race at my school (as far as admissions go) I learned that I was actually a pretty small minority. Between “trusted flaggers” and non-whites, I believe the population of whites was somewhere in the 20-30% range at my school. If that was the future that America is heading towards then the level of concern should be elevated far beyond what it is now. Even worse, so many of these people do find themselves in very high up positions in nearly every level of our society: government, media, finance, entertainment, etc. Really any niche you can think of there are Ivy League graduates. This is scary because in addition to being a literal minority I was an ideological minority as well, even among my racial peers. I’m leaning more towards the idea that race and biology effects these things more than is broadly acknowledged, but regardless even whites can be subverted. This is especially alarming when these subverted whites (and non-whites) then infiltrate and continue the subversion of the highest ranks of all of our societal institutions. While I do believe the college systems will collapse en masse, the Ivy League schools will still retain their allure and much of the power they currently garner. This presents an incredible problem because society can be changed from the ground up, but it is also (potentially easier) to change it from the top down. So long as racial realities are denied at the highest levels and said higher levels are further becoming non-white, it will become more and more difficult to stem the tide. Sadly, despite having been there, I have largely no idea how you can change such long standing institutions that share establishments predating that our of nation.

However, there are bright spots to this topic, even so at the Ivy League. In fact, a liberal professor from an Ivy League school once looked at the effects of diversity on social capital and general living conditions. He was so concerned with the results and struggled so mightily to find any positives (he went with food and some other bullshit as the eventual “positives”) that he held his research from the public for around half a decade. When he finally did release it, he had to retcon the results so that he wasn’t labeled a “racist” or something of that nature. But I find it especially funny that in the end the “muh ethnic food” was one of his great reveals for the positives of diversity. Simple illustrations like this (and how shallow their retorts are) could begin to stem the tide of this ideology and subversion.

Despite the overwhelming tide against white America, I do think there is hope. More and more studies are coming out that illustrate whites can be “un-subverted” if you will. When white are either exposed directly to diversity via community sightings or simply just hanging around the local bus stop, it can cause whites to become more conservative and change their attitudes on immigration. In addition, whites who are shown the demographic shifts over the past few decades had similar positive (in regards to red pilling) shifts in attitudes. When truly made aware of what is going on, whites usually figure it out and realize that changes need to be made. But sadly, with the entrenched attitudes and subversion of those at the highest levels of our society, and the pipeline to said institutions left intact, the road ahead isn’t smooth nor bright.

However, if inroads can be made as they are currently being forged by people like FTN and other outlets, there is a future. I don’t have statistics on it but I’d be hard pressed to say that any whites made aware of their decline and exposed to “diversity” could ever go back to having their heads in the sand and supporting their own demise. And as such we should keep hope in the fact that truth and nature is on our side. So long as the truth can get out there, all is not lost. There will be a future, what it’s like depends on us. I do believe in white ingenuity and triumph. Even with the world against us and our numbers dwindling, I never count out heritage America and Europe. In this cultural fight, we’re gassed and our corner might be ready to throw in the towel, but all it takes is one well-placed punch to win. To further the boxing metaphor, we’re not in the 12th round but we’re getting there and we’ve already lost at least 7. Doing nothing from here on out, we will lose. So strap in, because shit is going to get worse before it gets better.

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