Modern Youth Culture: Purposeless and Futureless

Part Four of a Series on Modern Society.

Modern Youth Culture: Purposeless and Futureless

This piece is part four of a series on modern society. Here are the links to Part OnePart Two, and Part Three

Youth culture in America is a reflection of the deep infection and subversion of our society. I heard a Ke$ha song recently that refrained about “dying young” and living “like it’s the last night of our lives”. While this song isn’t new, the sentiment is older than time. Decadent societies have focused on the carnal and banal pleasures of the flesh without regard for the future and eternity. This is not a moral critique but rather a procedural one and a value judgement on the validity of damaged youth and its consequences for the future.

Healthy societies encourage planning and preparation for the future. Men are encouraged to grow and compete to become the best versions of themselves. Women are nurtured and protected and their gifts as mothers, wives, and daughters are cultivated for the benefit of their immediate family, their family to be, and the community at large. Then the two genders are usually brought together in a public, long-term commitment in which the powerful drive and implications of sex are contained within. This is not out of some contorted or backwards desire to control women or even men but rather a way of creating stable societies. If female nature is allowed free reign (as is now the case) we see more and more women vying for fewer and fewer men at the top of the food chain. It was previously (approximately) 20% of men that are being pursued by approximately 80% of women. As we progress further and further into the unfettered female hypergamy it appears as though that 20% will shrink to 10%, then 5%, and likely smaller and smaller until a breaking point is reached. This breaking point will occur either when too many unmarried young men without marriage prospects band together to overthrow the system or when too many unmarried women strain the system beyond its capacity by being net-detractors because there will no longer be enough (largely white) men to support their drain on the government and society. This relates to youth because it is the unproductive men and unstructured and lost (or unguided) women that grow up to be underachieving men and childless cat ladies. Until we alter our course, the trend will only worsen and further destabilize society.

Currently our youth are being encouraged to “die young” both figuratively and literally. A dramatic increase in teen suicide rates has recently arisen due to various factors. Drug and alcohol use aren’t at all time high levels but this is due partly to the decreased social cohesion and gender dynamics that previously facilitated the increased premarital sex and debauchery (drinking, drug use, etc) caused by a more diverse America (this isn’t even debated, a liberal professor from an Ivy League school hid his research and the implications for years because he was afraid of the backlash). But even more than this is an attack on the natural order of hierarchy and wisdom. Children have always rebelled against their parents but there is a more insidious element of culture that encourages a “fuck you mom and dad” attitude in which a total disregard for all parental wisdom and guidance is rejected in favor of youthful, usually progressive, ideas and actions. As a result, they’re vulnerable to outside influence from the media, corporations, and popular (degenerate) culture. Throw in the fact that nearly half of children in the US are white and therefore not allowed to feel proud of their racial heritage and the problem worsens. Many young men aren’t allowed to be masculine and also aren’t allowed to feel pride in their racial heritage, and therefore often gravitate towards one of the few acceptable outlets that are currently still afforded to male children: negro culture and faggot flamboyance (and variants of faggot flamboyance being transsexualism and all other gender insanities). We see many boys wearing flatbill hats and snoop dogg and FUBU jeans or else they talk with a lisp and limp wrists (or even worse desire to cut off their genitals, as most transgenders are male to female because of the current benefits of being female in our society).

Girls are encouraged to commit to incredible THOT-ery and fed false tales of “career” and “having it all”. This is most sad because they deny their natural inclination to take care of children and this is denied at an incredible cost to their mental health and stability. Women are pulled between a constant barrage of what their hind brains and natural hormones dictate and what popular culture, education, and likely their mothers and friends are feeding them. At the start and end of it all it leaves them lonely, broken, and unfulfilled, which is reflected in the higher rise in youth female suicides than the corresponding male suicides. It’s also borne out in the data suggesting that women are no longer the happier gender (via self-reported metrics). If things go right, they’re often left leaving their kids to grow up with another woman guiding them, watching their first steps, and feeding them. They likely have a husband who does not arouse them much, if at all, because the supply of men who tolerate a woman that leaves for work every day and is too tired to care for her husband at the end of it (that are also reasonably alpha) is likely small or they are unable to access them. This relates to the youth because the ultimate path and conclusion of the average female life is set in motion at an early age. Women are no longer encouraged to work on their looks and body. They are no longer encouraged to cultivate the soft and submissive nature that strong men desire. This nature and intangible quality is something that is rare and so incredibly valued throughout history until very recently. I am convinced that the sabotage of this cultivation has also been a concerted effort as I have never met a good, strong man who intentionally opposes softer, kinder, more beautiful, and more feminine women. Logically it may be insidious women who have encouraged the failing of other women in these regards due to their jealousy and inability to attract the quality of man they desire. However, I don’t have that much faith in the agency of women and believe the truth is much more likely that men, working through such nefarious women, are attempting to weaken our nation. The Russians included this (subversion of culture and gender relations) in their list of steps to destabilize America during the cold war. I am not implying that it has been only Russians in part or whole, as I believe the problem is much more likely due to many targeted but not necessarily connected and coordinated campaigns to enact such ends.

Steps forward for our youth should include a reintroduction to the value of racial heritage as well as an introduction to Christian influences, such as mandatory church service, if not for the spiritual value it would instill then at least for the shared morals and cultural cohesion it would assist in repairing and restoring. Reintroducing the traditional gender roles of masculine men and feminine women as not only acceptable but also something to aspire to and something to be celebrated would likely help this. In addition, the exalting and veneration of motherhood and the role of a submissive wife would greatly help matters at all levels (ultimately encouraging more births and more women to get married and be excellent housewives). An acknowledgement of racial differences and their effects on the individual level would likely help children sort out the world with more ease. I am of the belief that the current “man child” and “adulting” epidemic in which adolescence is somehow drawn out into the mid 20’s and early 30’s is a result of nature having to sort out the twisted propaganda and falsehoods that they’ve been fed. It is taking until the mid-20’s and early 30’s because truth is no longer encouraged and celebrated but still required to function. Don’t leave your car unlocked in a black neighborhood, gonna have to learn that one the hard way because we no longer acknowledge the outsized representation of black males in nearly every crime category. Get screwed over by a women because she just wanted you for money or wasn’t really that into you, again have to learn that the hard way because we no longer discourage, control (or even acknowledge) female nature to stabilize society. Realize that groups beyond whites often take advantage of white kindness and trust. Again, something you’ll have to learn on the fly because we no longer acknowledge the natural tendencies of various groups. It is as if we tell our youth to disregard any patterns they notice. The “war on noticing” seems to fight against it all. Until we start teaching our youth the hard-earned lessons of previous generations, we will continue our spiral towards societal instability and we will continue to regress to societal levels that we fought and died to surpass in generations past.

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