Precedents and Consequences

Short-term victories for the Left could backfire down the line.

Precedents and Consequences

Looking back on what’s been going on over the past few years, one has to wonder where it all leads us on a longer timeline. The tactics employed by the Left are indeed effective, but what’s expedient in the short term can often lead to calamity further down the road.

For example, the profound non-white demographic influx into this country was a boon to White Democratic politicians–initially. It vanquished their Republican opponents, but now they’re beginning to be dispossessed themselves by more vibrant primary challengers. Prominent incumbents like Crowley and Capuano were tossed out this year. It’s a process that will continue to change the face of the party as its brown base will select their own when presented with a choice.

Turning Trump’s presidency into one giant fit of hysteria has been undeniably effective. Still, they’re ignoring the fact that he was chosen by half of the electorate based on a platform that was quite reasonable. Whites don’t want to be turned into a hated minority, and no country can function for long with policies that invite and subsidize unlimited third world migration. These are existential issues that people want addressed before they eventually get addressed by reality. Either way, it’s guaranteed to happen.

Labeling them as scum and attributing the 2016 election result to an absurd Russian conspiracy has been a great way to fire up those who hate Trump, thwart his initiatives, and maybe remove him from office. However, for the other half of the country, it’s a frustrating and emphatic demonstration that their needs are illegitimate and nothing is up for a vote. The needs persist all the same.

A decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine something like Antifa operating with the financial, legal, and media support of the Establishment. Few Americans had the notion that one’s political or cultural opinions could make them a legitimate target for violence who could be attacked with impunity in front of the police. That’s not the case anymore. The message is loud and clear. Fear has been instilled in anyone thinking about attending a right-wing protest, or even wearing MAGA attire. America has crossed a Rubicon in this regard.

Antifa is the most violent facet of a broader principle that’s probably going to be the undoing of this country: different legal standards apply depending upon the person. Everyone knows it at this point. Just as they can attack free of consequences, Hillary Clinton could commit blatant felonies for which she’ll never be held to account. Such travesties are currently interpreted as victories over the Right. In reality, they’ve done much to erode confidence in the rule of law. The people who set the precedents are blind to their consequences.

This principle of inequality applies to culture as well. Saying “White people have a right to exist” will get you fired from your job, while the opposite sentiments are routinely expressed by prominent figures in lucrative media and academic positions. Anyone paying attention can spot examples on a daily basis. It’s becoming very difficult to ignore, even for the apolitical.

When forlorn Americans are looking back a decade from now and pondering where things started coming off the rails, a pretty clear picture should begin to emerge. Perhaps many will do this sitting in a backyard surrounded by a brick wall topped with shards of broken glass. A country that refused to build one big barrier will eventually find itself pockmarked with millions of much smaller ones.

One insight easily gleaned from current events is that anticipating the future consequences of present actions seems to be an exercise the Left performs quite poorly. Still, hindsight occasionally approaches 20/20. Hopefully, some positive lessons are derived from the consequences. Don’t hold your breath. If this happens at all, it’ll take quite a while.

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