The Cost of Enrichment

The brutal murder of two Scandinavian women by Muslims gives a glimpse of what the elites mean by “cultural enrichment.”

The Cost of Enrichment

by Thorsten J.

Many of us have seen the latest news cycle about “the beginning of the end for Trump” or the inevitable and unsurprising histrionics from the Democrats over a shutdown because they don’t want one-fifth of the border wall funded. We’ve also seen some good things coming out of the Trump White House, such as the administration bucking thirty years of American foreign policy of staying in obscure Middle Eastern shit-holes for eternity, and “Trans Dog Mattis” being shown the door. What’s been memory-holed, though, by the mainstream enemy of the people is the brutal rape and beheading of two young Scandinavian women.

This sick and disheartening act took place just four days before the civilized world celebrates Christmas. The video of the event is shocking and hard to watch, as the young woman cries out in great pain and distress for her mother. Her last moments of life were violently painful, soaked in her own blood and terror. These savages, from nations where things like this are common place and even celebrated, are flooding our homelands. Europe is being inundated with these glorified barbarians. This upsetting event also happened to take place ten days after dignitaries from around the world signed onto a pact that will, inevitably, be used to flood our ethnic homelands with thousands upon thousands of these animals.

What you will hear from the diversity shills is that this is an isolated incident, or that they represent an infinitesimally small number of people from those places. But the fact is that it is simply not true. Just a few days ago, a video surfaced of an elderly Danish woman being kicked and beaten by Middle Eastern migrants. A few weeks ago, just before Thanksgiving, an elderly French woman was raped on a beach by these rapefugees. There are near countless cases like this.

People like my grandma (bless her boomer heart) who are anti-wall Trump voters, are rightly bothered by the Middle Easterners coming in. After all, she is now a minority in her own town in the upper Midwest. She, and others like her, understand that outsiders bring danger. This is something that for millennia was taken as a fact, regardless of proof. She, and many others like her, are concerned about their social security and Medicare being drained by these parasites. They fail to realize that their social welfare benefits are the least of their concern. Grandma doesn’t understand that its not about Abdul, his fat, abused wife and twelve screaming kids getting better prescription eyeglasses at a better price than her. It’s about Abdul’s five sons aged twenty, seventeen, sixteen, fourteen, and twelve being allowed to commit heinous crimes against Whites. They don’t yet understand what cultural enrichment is.

Let’s be very clear: cultural enrichment does not mean a Thai restaurant next to a Greek tavern next to a Brazilian nightclub, with a falafel cart down the street, all in a bright, vibrant, and ethnically diverse city that comes together to plant flowers along their curbs and sing kum-ba-yah down in the park by the river. Cultural enrichment means seeing and hearing about your kin being beheaded, or elderly white women who are minding their own business getting beaten on the street, or raped at the beach. Cultural enrichment means death, destruction, and bloodshed. This is the true cost of “diversity.”

If we don’t right the ship soon, then it won’t just be the someone else’s family member getting beheaded: it could be yours. The global elite are happy to sacrifice your children born, pre-born or yet to be conceived on the altar of diversity.

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