The Fruits of Brazil’s Libertarian Renaissance

The Koch Bros and their Students for Liberty front group laid the groundwork for the rise of Jair Bolsonaro.

The Fruits of Brazil’s Libertarian Renaissance

In what seems like ancient history but was just four short years ago, Brazil was seen as the model for what corporate libertarian agitation could accomplish. Their fingerprints were all over the social upheaval that resulted in the removal of a corrupt leftist tyrant. The “Free Brazil Movement” was responsible for ousting a popularly-elected ruler.

The Koch Bros-funded Atlas Network boasted about the progress made by Students For Liberty (SFL) and similar organizations. Migrant-born oriental Kim Kataguiri, now a congressman in Brazil, founded the Free Brazil Movement under the auspices of Atlas and other corporate-backed outsider groups. Atlas released a statement claiming that “many members within the Free Brazil Movement have passed through Atlas Network’s premier training program, the Atlas Leadership Academy, and are now applying what they have learned on the ground where they live and work.” Reason TV even released a lauding feature on the progress that was taking place in Brazil.

The globalist Koch Bros certainly believed that they were getting their money’s worth after corrupt leftist ruler Dilma Rousseff was forced to resign following revelations that she participated in a kickback scheme while working at state-owned oil company Petrobras. Reporter Glenn Greenwald, who lives in Brazil atop his homosexual lover with some store-bought brown children, painted the change of power back in 2016 as a neoliberal coup supported by foreign interests. He was able to gather a solid amount of evidence showing this was indeed the case. It is not uncommon for oligarchical interests to use strife within a country to replace one corrupt puppet with another more amenable to their particular agenda.

When corrupt neoliberal hack Michel Temer, who served as Vice President under Rousseff in a coalition government with her political party, was given the reigns of control, the Kochs and their lackeys felt it was a job well done. After all, Temer was their perfect political puppet. Temer supported the head of Goldman Sachs in Brazil as his central bank chief. He named another corporate banking insider as his finance minister. He pushed for austerity for government programs meant to help the impoverished Brazilian people while protecting bailouts, subsidies and tax breaks for the privileged elites. The Kochs and their underlings didn’t care much that Temer was at least as corrupt as his predecessor because he would at least play ball with corporate power, unlike the more left-leaning Rousseff. This was enough to satisfy the corporate cabal, but not the masses in the street. Turns out that the revolution didn’t belong to these scheming consultants, organizers and analysts, but rather, to the people in the streets fighting for their future and their nation.

Enter Jair Bolsonaro, a man possessing the strength and resolve to be the revolutionary leader that the Kochs and their well-paid operatives tried to bottle up.

Bolsonaro, a military officer turned outspoken congressman, is a proponent of liberalism in the manner the Founding Fathers might have understood the concept. He wants to open the markets, allow capital to rush into the country, and make reductions to socialist give-away programs while enforcing Singapore-style social controls to prevent minorities, feminists, homosexuals, and other degenerates from stopping the progress undertaken through his policies. Bolsonaro has frequently expressed kind words toward the military dictatorship that ruled from the 1960s into the 1980s as well as the Chilean coup enacted by Augusto Pinochet. On Oct. 28, Bolsonaro won the Presidency of Brazil by an overwhelming margin. His victory is the direct outgrowth of a real life libertarian movement gone horribly wrong or spectacularly right depending on your perspective.

What the “Free Brazil Movement” accomplished with their agitating was to undermine the public’s support in democracy and the political establishment. Contrary to the econometricians and other soothsayers of the Koch network, this didn’t result in a market renaissance. When the people soured on their government, a love of the market wasn’t subsequently discovered. The Brazilian people, radicalized against the state by the libertarian uprising, learned to hate their government and their corrupt political class and wanted an abrupt end to their national suffering. Furthermore, they wanted revenge. They wanted heads on pikes for the indignities they were forced to ensure. They wanted Jair, and they have the perfect man for the job in power now. Bolsonaro is finishing the job that libertarians started, in a similar manner that Ron Paul and his quixotic band of loonies passed the buck off to Trump who could actually win the US Presidency.

Like the Tea Party in the US, the Brazilian revolution started with a strain of innocent, naive libertarian thought. This may be a natural process of development within these type of popular movements. Once confronted with the hard reality that the opposition will never respect liberty or freedom, activists tend to grow hardened and the movement progresses into something much different. For better or worse, this is the inevitable process as the fight worsens due to the true nature of the Left. Preaching nonaggression as the boot tightens around your neck isn’t an eventuality that appeals to free individuals, except in the most extraneous libertarian collectives where tedious minutiae reigns supreme.

The SFL gang of the United States regularly boasts about how their efforts are universal and worldwide in scope, as an attack of Ron Paul’s nativist and isolationist ideology. In their dope-poisoned minds, they are breaking down borders and opening up society. However, in actuality, they are tools for a corporate agenda that is much more likely to lead to the instillation of neoliberal chumps or far-right asskickers like Bolsonaro then it will ever lead to the turbo-charged GloboHomo orgy run on Bitcoin of their dreams. Bolsonaro’s rise was the tangential handiwork of the green-haired SFL social justice warriors. They thought they were counter-acting the rise of the alt-right and white nationalism, but, really, they were outdoing us. The alt-right, although not without its successes, has never popularly elected a military dictator of sorts who promised to punish commies, queers, corrupt politicos, thieves, drug pushers, and other societal dregs. Our efforts pale in comparison to yours. We truly have much to learn from you in promoting worldwide authoritarianism.

Peak libertarianism will be achieved in Brazil as a man who is hurling down the Bolsonaro Freeway (through what was formerly known as the rain forest) careens off road in a drunken stupor, taking out the last of some endangered species—or, better yet, an indigenous shitholer whose mud people had been there for thousands of years—in a regrettable mistake. Whoopsies! But Draconian punishments are not in order in the Land of Bolsonaro if you are light-skinned and affluent enough, of course. After paying a small fee, the offender is released from custody after receiving an apology to further enjoy the land to his heart’s content.

When Bolsonaro eclipses Pinochet’s totals, he will have the SFL to thank for his efforts. Pinochet was said to have exterminated roughly 30,000 communists, said to be a human rights abuse to some. To hard-liners such as Bolsonaro, those could be considered rookie numbers to be eclipsed during a healthy day’s work. As the doors are kicked down, the communists are dragged into the street in an extrajudicial manner, and the cops are fully unleashed Rothbard style, it will have been the fittingly named Students for Liberty whose corporate-funded activism laid the groundwork for what would have otherwise been an inconceivable cultural shift against the Left!

As the heterosexual pride parade rolls through Rio de Janiero featuring healthy, well-adjusted families celebrating decent, functioning, wholesome society, SFL activists can feel responsible in the contrast displayed in comparison to the soulless, civilization-destroying filth of the LGBT movement gyrating down the public roads promoting child abuse and dangerous lifestyle choices. The difference will make the point to ordinary Brazilians just how unnatural these degenerate reprobates truly are and why tolerance must be soundly rejected. Homos, trannies, he-shes, cross dressers, pickle slurpers, carpet munchers, donut burners, and Sodomites of all stripes will all have their ‘Stephen Fry moment’ of surreal ownage in the face of Bolsonaro’s masculine and unyielding rule (sponsored by Jair’s SFL partners, of course).

Drug abusers will have instant relief for their maladies provided to them by safety squads. The sensation of hot lead piercing into their flesh will replace thrill of the heroin spike. This may not have been what the SFL acolytes had in mind when they embarked upon their dude-weed-bro activism, but they really should have known better. The libertarian dogma is too focused in the weeds while being completely unable to address pressing racial and cultural issues. Terrible consequences tend to occur when individuals pursue supercilious ideals not tethered to reality. However, it is worth noting that these consequences will not be bad for everyone, such as the enforcers of the new Brazilian regime.

A seriously good time is in order for these folks.

The SFL activists chanted “Menos Marx, Mais Mises” as they demanded liberty but didn’t quite think it through. President-elect Bolsonaro can be pictured holding up books written by Mises and fellow libertarian hero Frederic Bastiat. His son, Eduardo, is a student with the Mises Institute. Bolsonaro’s followers could have conceivably discovered Mises only to learn that his actual works are far different than how he is advertised by his libertarian followers. Mises was far from a closeted, bowtie-adorned cuck, and he espoused theories or race realism that would be at home on the pages of American Renaissance. Mises also promoted fascism as an ideology “full of the best intentions” that “won merit” despite its faults and “will live on eternally in history.”

“It is perfectly legitimate to assume that the races are different in their cognitive abilities and in their willpower and accordingly are unequally suited for the task of setting up societies, and that the better races are characterized in particular by their special ability to strengthen social bonds,” Mises wrote in “The Market Economy.”

Perhaps there is a cosmic lesson to be learned from this common trend of libertarian activist efforts being co-opted and expanded upon by right-wing authoritarians. Perhaps only after humanity is tamed once more will it be ready for freedom. Perhaps only after leftism is cut down to size can the seeds of liberty possibly take root. Even the Founding Fathers had to perpetrate a regime of incendiary violence against the British for the US to take shape. Lost freedom is only regained through sacrifice, through blood, through force. If electing a strongmen like Bolsonaro is all we have to give to restore what we have lost, we should consider ourselves blessed.

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