An American Official with Foreign Interests

Trump’s national security adviser seems to care more about the security of a nation other than the United States.

An American Official with Foreign Interests

by Whitaker W.

Before mega-donor Sheldon Adelson hand-picked him to join the Trump White House as the lead national security advisor, John Bolton always played an influential role in the development of American foreign policy. He got his start as the vice president of the American Enterprise Institute, a DC based pro-Israel think tank, and eventually went on to work for President Bush 43 as a senior advisor in the White House. From 2005 to the end of 2006, he acted as Israel’s 2nd ambassador to the world while holding the office and the official title of United States Ambassador to the UN. Bolton has long been a supporter of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and has even called for the US military to forcibly overthrow the governments in Syria, Iran, and North Korea. During the Obama presidency, he spent his time writing op-eds supporting Israel’s interests and making regular appearances on Fox News calling for war with Syria, Russia, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iran. He is one of the few people today willing to go on record advocating for the president to use nuclear bombs in the name of American interests, and has even gone on record encouraging Israel to use nuclear bombs to defend Israeli national interests. Coincidentally, in the mind of John Bolton, the interests of these two countries just so happen to be the exact the same.

A new report has uncovered that back in September 2018, The National Security Council led by John Bolton requested strike options against Iran from the Pentagon. The request was made after 3 mortar shells exploded in an empty parking lot within Baghdad’s green zone (government district). Nobody was harmed or injured in the explosion, and the parking lot was over a dozen blocks away from the American embassy. Rebel attacks are a daily occurrence in Iraq, but when Bolton became aware these rebels were Iranian-backed Shia Muslims, he made sure to act fast. Pentagon officials were perplexed at why such an unusual request for plans to bomb Iran over an attack which had no target or victims would be asked of them. We still do not know if the president saw the recommended attack plans, but if he did, they were never ordered into action.

More recently, shortly after President Trump announced his military withdrawal from Syria, Bolton quickly made a surprise visit to Jerusalem to ease worries brought by America’s most important ally in the region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the joint press conference by introducing Bolton as “someone I’ve known and respected for over two decades… thank you for your extraordinary support. Welcome friend.” Bolton did not comment on any of Israel’s unprovoked attacks in the sovereign country of Syria. No comments were made on Israel’s Christmas Day bombing targeting the Damascus airport where Israel’s fighter jets flew above a passenger plane using civilians as cover against Syria’s anti-air defense system. No comment was made regarding Israel’s backing of armed militias hired solely to attack Assad’s anti-air defense weapons. He did however contradict Trump’s withdraw plan, saying the US will not withdraw until “the defense of Israel and our other friends in the region is absolutely assured.” The withdraw timeline has now reportedly been changed from Trump’s original 30-day plan, to the Israeli agreed upon 4-month plan. Bolton finished the joint press conference with, “I would say to any nation in this region or not in this region that has any doubt about America’s support for Israel that they better think about it again.”

Everywhere he’s gone, he’s let his unequivocal allegiance to Israel influence his actions. For this he’s been handsomely rewarded with book deals, high paying salaries, multiple positions in the White House and more recently on November 11 he received the “defender of Israel” award from Sheldon Adelson’s Zionist Organization of America lobby group. John Bolton has spent his entire life dedicated to the empowerment of a foreign government over the United States, whether it be as a lobbyist calling for sanctions on Israel’s enemies, as an advisor to George Bush promoting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, or his current position bought and paid for by Sheldon Adelson in the Trump White House. John Bolton must go.

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