Cernovich’s Covington Critique Shows Alt-Lite’s Inherent Cowardice

The alt-lite performed admirably by standing for the Covington kids, but will ultimately remain feckless until they confront difficult truths

Cernovich’s Covington Critique Shows Alt-Lite’s Inherent Cowardice

For those of us who still linger on Twitter despite the purge, a recent startling development is the resurgence of the alt-lite. After the public split with the alt-right, this faction went out of its way to show how cucked they were. But times have changed over the past year. Those who once cucked themselves quickly realized that their craven behavior did nothing but embolden the enemy, and they have since redeemed themselves to a certain extent.

After the children at Covington Catholic High School were railroaded by the liberal media, the alt-lite snapped into action. Chunky Puerto Rican thot Cassandra Fairbanks, Semitic-ish mystery meat Ali Alexander, and the uber-beta Will Chamberlain sprung into action to lead a crusade on behalf of these kids as seemingly the whole world threw them under the bus. While the stealth Christian-hating Ben Shapiro and the National Review types took orders from the fake news, the alt lite took on the narrative head on and actually won. Much of the mainstream media was forced to back off and eat crow due to their overzealous witch hunt against the Covington kids.

In typical alt-lite fashion, the momentum had to be squandered by one of its most boneheaded denizens. Mike Cernovich, the attention-starved hoax artist who grew infamous for pushing ‘PizzaGate’ and other conspiracy theories, started bashing the Catholic Church on his Twitter feed. After defending his based Muslim buddy, he went into a bizarre tirade that suggested that the West needs to adopt Muslim values to survive.


It should be well-known, even to an alt-lite putz, that Islamic barbarians are not exactly known for protecting their children. The instances of Bacha bazi in Afghanistan as well as the acceptance of child brides and the images of kids with bombs strapped to themselves are just a few obvious examples. Cernovich waxing poetic on Islam is reminiscent of the Left’s delusion, who are happy to allow barbarians in their front doors while discriminating and restricting the rights of far more moderate Christian religions of the West. By his logic, Cernovich should have no problem opening the doors to thousands of third-world Islamic refugees from North Africa!

Of course, Cernovich is far from a proponent of leftist dogma. His outburst is likely the outgrowth of being an attention whore who attempts to be edgy and ends up embarrassing himself and the greater cause as a whole. Living in the shadow of FTN and TDS shitlords must not be easy for this low IQ journo wannabe. Additionally, Cernovich has always glommed onto popular trends as a scheme to sell his new aged outlook to a fresh group of suckers. He shamelessly chases fads and demonstrates a poor temperament when confronted about his pattern behavior. From hawking his masculine ‘Gorilla Mindset’ book to his open abuse of illegal drugs, he has proven himself to be a slightly more right-leaning Joe Rogan with a far less impressive bank account.

While trying to craft a hot take, Cernovich only repeats a stance that is the opposite of brave and groundbreaking. Anti-Catholic takes are permitted on every television station and newspaper throughout the country and world. The Catholic Church is under constant pressure and hemorrhaging legitimacy because the public is very much aware of the molestation scandals, and has been for decades. These are widely acknowledged activities, but why isn’t Cernovich talking about the Brit milah ceremony that still takes place in Jewish orthodox sects throughout the United States? Catholic priests have been known to fondle the private parts of children, but they aren’t known to suck blood from a baby’s genitalia as they prey upon their victims like the chosenites do.

If Cernovich is really concerned about protecting the purity of children, why doesn’t he talk about the individuals pushing pornography upon them? Porn pioneer Al Goldstein laid the agenda bare when he said: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.” According to Goldstein and his rootless colleagues, it is a virtuous development for society that any 12 year old can access thousands of hours of taboo sex videos from any electronic device. What about Hollywood? Oh yeah, that’s a Chinese Communist problem according to the alt-lite these days! Feel free to take potshots at the Catholic Church, which is without a shadow of a doubt a corrupted institution, while it is down though because that won’t offend your funding sources.

The corruption of the Catholic Church did not take place in a vacuum. The corruption began when the Catholics altered their fundamental beliefs due to outside pressure groups. Unsurprisingly, the Catholics changed their beliefs about the Jews right as the church began its descent into Hades. During the Second Vatican Council, the following heretical declaration was made: “The Jews should not be presented as rejected or accursed by God, as if this followed from the Holy Scriptures. All should see to it, then, that in catechetical work or in the preaching of the word of God they do not teach anything that does not conform to the truth of the Gospel and the spirit of Christ.” This Satanic sophistry, which may as well have been written by a tribesman himself, lets Jews off the hook for rejecting the iron-clad truth of Christ. Jewish Rabbinic teachings, on the other hand, have not been sullied throughout their history. None of those blatantly anti-Christian passages of the Talmud have ever been disavowed, and in fact, relevant Jewish leaders in recent years have indicated that these biases are still very much the guiding force in modern Judaism.

Sanitizing and bastardizing the Catholic faith to assuage hostile Jewish crybabies allowed the flood gates of subversion to fully open wide. Now, the Catholic Church won’t even claim an individual needs to accept Jesus Christ as his savior in order to enter the promised land, all because the notion may offend some Jews. A Vatican document released in 2015 claims that “while affirming salvation through an explicit or even implicit faith in Christ, the Church does not question the continued love of God for the chosen people of Israel.” Remember that it was Jewish song-writers who effectively erased Jesus Christ from His cherished holiday, Christmas. These are not Cohencidences, but rather, the exact reasons why Christianity is so totally unrecognizable from the days of the Apostles.

Cernovich and his ilk will never speak any of these truths for one simple reason: they don’t want their funding to dry up. He and his alt-lite brethren understand what buttons not to press and what truths can be broached publicly while others are verboten. While it may be frustrating to watch, this is why the alt-right and other authentic nationalist movements will rise in the end. The alt-lite understands how to fight the mainstream media and their vicious anti-white narratives, but with the complete inability to tell the truth about the cosmopolitan menace that plots covertly against Western Civilization, their lack of authenticity will doom their efforts in the end.

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