Covington Catholic Crucifixion

Covington Catholic Crucifixion

This fiasco has been a genuine exercise in “Whose Side Are You On Anyway?”

The opinions of the usual suspects fell about where one would expect. As soon as the edited video went viral, the neoconservative editorial Sanhedrin was convened, and they decreed that the Covington Catholic boys should be crucified.

Ben Shapiro jumped on the bandwagon to crucify the white male Christians. Nicholas Frankovich, editor for NRO, wrote that the Covington kids might as well have been “spitting on the cross.” Interesting lecture coming from a man who does not acknowledge the New Testament or that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and whose own religion places no sympathetic value on the symbolism of the cross. This criticism comes across about as genuine as me citing morality parables in the Quran to critique the behavior of practicing Muslims. Totally not a mockery at all.

After the facts became so factual that not even disingenuous NRO could hold its line, it was forced to retract the article and issue a formal apology.

An archived version of Frankovich’s original diatribe is available here. God bless the internet.

All of this, however, still hasn’t prevented the likes of Jonah Goldberg from going on Twitter and continuing to rationalize the aforementioned decree. Even Bill Kristol, despite officially being persona non grata in most esteemed conservative circles these days, didn’t waste a moment seizing on the opportunity to once again publicize his anti-white drivel.

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident, but these sorts of responses are the rule in such situations, rather than the exception. These ‘conservatives’ didn’t even wait two hours for the facts to come out before publishing their narrative across all banners and platforms, not even giving their fellow conservative teens the benefit of the doubt.

It’s almost as if they didn’t want to give their allies the benefit of the doubt, not even after it became publicly safe, even logically and morally compelling, to do so.

Almost as if they were eager to throw these kids under the bus.

Almost as if they were complicit with the Leftist media in trying to push a certain narrative.

Almost as if they didn’t care what the truth was, so long as they could play their part in contextualizing the story in its infancy in hopes that it would gain traction and be entered into the historical record as such.

Almost as if these men aren’t conservatives or allies at all.


I would rather have 10,000 rabid Antifa communists in front of me than 10 neoconservatives behind me, and this is one reason of many why.

Populism and independent media prevailed. Facts prevailed for a change. Nathan Phillips has been outed as the leftist political activist and anti-white agitator that he is. It has since come to light that he didn’t even serve in Vietnam, as previously reported. No longer a noble, no longer a Vietnam veteran. All they have left is that he’s a Native American anti-white agitator banging on a drum inches away from a child’s face without provocation. He’s truly an idol for the SJW Left, and believe me they’ll still take him.

The Catholic boys are receiving support from lawyers threatening to pursue libel suits against the outlets and public figures who called for personal harm, death, expulsion, and loss of jobs and future life prospects as a result of these wrongful accusations by the lying media.

President Trump even brought up the story to further humiliate the media in the eyes of the commoners. The sooner they switch off their habitual consumption of legacy media for purposes of acquiring knowledge, the better.

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