Ginsburg Blackout Proves Media Bias

Ginsburg Blackout Proves Media Bias

Over three weeks since missing the first day of the latest Supreme Court session, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still nowhere to be found. After being hospitalized for both broken ribs and lung cancer, there has been a total media blackout on her status.

You would think this story newsworthy, given that Ginsburg is one of the most important public figures in the country, serving a lifetime appointment, and is potentially on her deathbed. Instead we aren’t afforded so much as an update on her condition.

This is the latest example of extreme left-wing media bias, as it manipulates the public through omission.

Would they be behaving the same way if a prominent Republican disappeared for three weeks? Of course not. They’d be asking questions. If Trump pulled a Ginsburg, they’d be spinning up wild conspiracy theories and calling for the line of succession to be put into effect. But for precious RBG? She’s perfectly healthy. Probably healthier than you, actually. Now stop asking questions.
When the media covered the fall which originally put her in the hospital, they trotted out a picture of what looked like a corpse in a wheelchair and claimed she was doing great. After they were forced to admit she had surgery to remove lung cancer, they assured the public she was well on her way to recovery.

The media fawns over Ginsburg more than possibly any other current figure. It is reminiscent of the Clinton campaign coverage. As Clinton was clearly suffering from health problems, the media brushed the evidence under the rug and claimed that anyone asking questions about her health was a conspiracy theorist.

The coverage of Ginsburg is somehow even worse. The media puts out articles about her “badass” workout routine, claiming not only that she is not in bad shape, but that she is in better shape than most people in their twenties. Hollywood is making multiple movies about her, to sell Ginsburg as a cult hero to the Left.

Meanwhile, the reality is that Ginsburg is likely bed-ridden at best. The media has the power to make her status a driving issue right now. Instead they are ignoring it.

Jay Lorenz

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