Indian Hoaxer has Criminal Record and Lied About Military Service

Indian Hoaxer has Criminal Record and Lied About Military Service

According to reports, Nathan Phillips, the Indian man who harassed a group of White high school students at the March for Life, has an extensive criminal record and did not serve in Vietnam as he previously claimed.

Phillips has a pattern of criminal behavior dating back to the 1970s. He pleaded guilty to assault in 1974, and was charged with escaping from jail that year as well. His other run-ins with the law appear to have all been alcohol related.

Phillips, who claimed to be a “recon ranger” in Vietnam, was never deployed outside the United States. In fact, during his time in the Marines, Phillips was removed from his original job as an anti-tank missileman after four months, and made to work on refrigerators for the rest of his service. While in the Marines from 1972 to 1976, Phillips was never promoted, and went AWOL three times according to records obtained by former Navy SEAL Don Shipley.

This is the man we were told we must give the utmost respect and deference. He was so noble that a teenager looking at him the wrong way was deemed worthy of expulsion or even death. As it turns out, the students gave him far more respect than he deserves. Phillips has led the life of a degenerate alcoholic. His stolen valor is remarkably egregious. It is amazing that a man with his embarrassing military record would even want to mention the subject. To leave after four years of service as an E-1 (the lowest enlisted ranking) is a tremendous feat of incompetency. It should be no surprise that a man of his character has made it his business to harass and slander children.

The media tried to make him into a hero. Instead, he’s exactly what he looks like: a toothless alcoholic savage who, far from being an American hero, has contributed nothing of worth to this country. The Covington Catholic kids had a right to be suspicious of this man. That the media and the Left worships such a lowly figure as Nathan Phillips tells you all you need to know about them.

Jay Lorenz

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