Is Ginsburg Gone for Good?

Is Ginsburg Gone for Good?

On Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s fourth consecutive day of absence from proceedings, one can’t help but pause to appreciate the truly Pravda-levels of progressive propaganda. According to cat-lady repositories like Bustle, Salon, and Huff-Po, the Notorious RBG is a “bad-ass” and a “super-human” who works out every day, and will no doubt be back to work following this most recent “health scare.”

Unfortunately, some things can’t be meme’d into reality. The meat-hook reality is that everyone’s favorite activist law-giver is staring at long odds after a fall in November of 2018 that resulted in 3 broken ribs. In the course of treating these injuries, it was discovered that Ginsburg was also suffering from lung cancer, which resulted in the removal of one lobe of one of her lungs, also known as a lobectomy.

Levantine reporters and D-list feminist celebrities immediately came out of the woodwork to virtue signal and show brand-enhancing support. Former softcore porn actress and ubiquitous Twitter-bitch Alyssa Milano even offered her vital organs to squeeze a few more years out of Ginsburg, presumably to keep her on the bench through the end of the Bad Orange Man era. While Milano may know a thing or two about having someone else’s organs in her body, medical statistics say she may be better served to hold out for a recipient with a longer shelf-life.

According to a 2014 medical literature review, patients over 65 years of age who suffer a broken rib face a 34% chance of contracting pneumonia and an initial 19% mortality rate. In instances where more than one rib is broken, chances of pneumonia increase 27% with each additional broken rib, along with a commensurate increase in mortality rates. These odds are confirmed on the Mayo Clinic website, which details not only that being of advanced age nearly doubles mortality rates (1.98), but adds that fracture of 3 or more ribs doubles the odds of death (2.02), and pre-existing disease, such as, y’know, lung cancer, more than doubles the odds of death (2.43). No doubt, the Notorious RBG is getting the best care your tax-shekels can buy. At this point however, especially given that Ginsburg is now missing work with no word on when she may return, her chances of dodging the reaper for the next 12 months tops out around 30%. Conversely, the Dissident Right is looking at a 70-80% chance of witnessing the timely departure of an insufferable kosher Law-Goblin, the demise of a feminist idol, and yet another empty seat in the highest court in the land. Some folks would call that a trifecta.

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