Newsom Plans for a California Without Whites

When California’s new governor laid out his vision for the future, he made it clear that White people were not included.

Newsom Plans for a California Without Whites

by Whitaker W.

Former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was sworn in as the 40th Governor of California on Monday, January 7th. While many cuckservative pundits still shackled to the libertarian plantation would rather you concentrate on his traditional Democrat fiscal policy of running deficits, how his Irish Catholic upbringing helped him relate to recent Hispanic Catholic immigrants, or even the classic “commie-fornia” boomerism when he quoted Cesar Chavez in his inauguration speech, the audience of the world’s number one alt right podcast deserves better.

When Newsom started his inauguration speech, he was quick to remind everyone there would be no future for white men, saying, “Every dream depends on the dreamers. It is up to us to renew the California Dream for a new generation. And now more than ever, it is up to us to defend it.” White children are already a minority in California and have been for many years. With white children representing 27% of people under the age of 18, it’s still too large for Newsom to handle. How did he come to think this way some may ask? Newsom reminisces about the time when, “I went to San Diego and met volunteers providing relief to desperate migrants who others treat like criminals—like the 3 year-old girl, just a year older than my youngest, at a shelter who captured my heart.” I’m sure many normal white American households have had a family outing to the local petting zoo. Turns out being around dirty animals all day is far too low class for the son of a powerful judge. How would he ever explain getting his $10,000 pair of shoes dirty to his film maker wife or her investment fund manager father? Instead of seeing cute animals at petting zoos, the rich elite would rather take a trip down to the local refugee and migrant shelter to pet the crying brown children.

Newsom continued with more promises to the non-white subjects of California: “We will continue the fight against over-incarceration and over-crowding in our prisons. And we will end the outrage of private prisons once and for all.” Over the previous decade, California’s various liberal criminal justice reforms decreased the number of convicts within California’s prison system from 173,000 in 2006 to 120,000 in 2016. Today, 91% of those incarcerated were convicted of a violent, sexual, or serious offence. Over 25% of California’s prisoners are serving life sentences and 26% of them are incarcerated on their 2nd offence. Only 21% of them are white. Coinciding with the release of tens of thousands of violent mostly non-white offenders, Newsom promises to “launch a Marshall Plan for affordable housing and lift up the fight against homelessness from a local matter to a state-wide mission.” This will only help continue the transplanting of unwashed undesirable third worlders into the remaining white areas, destroying their communities. The well-being of white people becomes an afterthought when there’s no more white communities.

When whites become a minority in the population, the future no longer includes them. Newsom paid no homage to the white remnants of his state. Only once did he indirectly allude to white people when he mentioned the “farmers in Fresno who rise and grind before the sun comes up to feed the world.” California only needs whites for one thing: taking care of everyone else. White people are responsible for feeding them, paying for their medical bills, paying for their anti-white education, providing their emergency services, providing them with malls full of cheap consumer goods, giving them a first world country to inherit, and, most importantly, white people are responsible for keeping them alive. However, this is the 21st century and Californians don’t need white people, nor do they want them. With Newsom’s promise to fight Trump’s immigration policies at every opportunity, turn California into a sanctuary state, and provide Medicare coverage for all illegal immigrants under the age of 25, it is clear and apparent that white Californians will not be kept in mind and will have not have a seat at the table in modern California.

The future of California is not a surprise to anyone. We are watching the first trial run for America’s future play out in real time. When it comes to the mass importation of people from the southern hemisphere, the destruction of white communities, the erosion of personal liberties, the promotion of degeneracy in modernity, and anti-white government policies, Governor Gavin Newsom is your one stop shop. You can’t have right-wing leaders or politicians when “American” becomes synonymous with “nonwhite.” Newsom ended his inauguration speech with all the usual J-left utopian platitudes and doubled down on open borders and unlimited migration. He said the California dream “will only be achieved if all of us share the spirit of the young dreamer from Los Angeles I heard recently. She said, ‘I wasn’t born in California, but California was born in me.’” Yep that’s it, you don’t have to be born here to be an American, your parents don’t need to be American, you don’t need any connection to the land or people of America, everyone in the world is just as American as you are. We’re all just deracinated individuals in the giant Walmart known as America.

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