The Globalists are No Longer Hiding Their Plans

The Globalists are No Longer Hiding Their Plans

One of the few pleasant aspects of following current events is how honest prominent figures are becoming about their political and social positions. Prior to Trump and the European migrant crisis, candor wasn’t really provided about an objective that would elicit hostility from even a third of the population. To illustrate, let’s contrast former President George H.W. Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Roughly three decades ago, after the fall of the USSR, Bush would repeatedly mention “a new world order” in speeches. This would prompt some paranoid speculation about how it’s on the dollar bill and water fluoridation, etc. However, to most it seemed he was referencing a peaceful end to the fiascos of the Cold War and the prospect of greater prosperity as new markets opened up for American products. There was still a broad assumption that leaders were reasonable people with decent intentions towards those whom they governed.

Instead, what he initiated was the beginning of new trade arrangements that shipped off much of the nation’s manufacturing base, thereby gutting the Middle Class, a doubling of legal and illegal migration flows that have transformed the country, and embarking on an era of perpetual war for Israel unconstrained by the opposition of another great power. What he seemed to be articulating and what he delivered were dramatically different. In other words, a successful bait-and-switch.

Now, the rhetoric is starting to align much better with intentions. That’s probably since Bush’s style of sophistry has stopped working, honesty is the only course to take. The consequences of reality are the limits of dishonesty. Let’s examine some excerpts from a speech Merkel made at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation back in December. As the world’s leading proponent of Globalism, she’s not even bothering to make pretenses about her rationale anymore:

“The people are individuals who are living in a country, they are not a group who define themselves as the people.”

This is the exact premise of Bush’s immigration legislation. Essentially, people are interchangeable units of production and consumption. So, the more the better. Merkel contends that an Afro-Islamic influx will compensate for a growing population of retirees and dearth of German workers. Germans are extremely law-abiding and productive. So, once these people whose only real difference is skin color have been imported and brought up to speed, things will be great. After all, race is only skin deep.

Here’s another quote concerning the burgeoning political opposition to demographic transformation:

“There were [politicians] who believed that they could decide when these agreements are no longer valid because they are representing the people.”

This is a both sentiment and operational principle that nobody would’ve dared to venture while the illusion could still be maintained that mass migration is what most Westerners desire. That cat is out of the bag, so she might as well just argue that the people don’t know what they need and the expression of their collective will in the form of political opposition is illegitimate and to be disregarded by the actual policy makers who shouldn’t be accountable to them. This was a public speech, not a private reception held by Goldman Sachs.

If you can’t sell the unsaleable, then the purchase must be compelled. The real question is now that this approach is being subjected to daylight, how long can it be imposed? Censorship and criminal penalties for dissent can go a long way, yet the consequences of reality exist all the same. They’re mounting and threatening the 1st world functionality of the West. As the curtain comes off, where does this go from here? Nowhere good for Merkel’s ilk.

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