The Paradox of the Educated Voter

Young college-educated voters are the least equipped to make decisions about the future of America.

The Paradox of the Educated Voter

The college voter, age 18 to 25, is said to be the most educated among us. In fact, according to a Pew Research study, Millennials or “Gen Y” (those in the 18-35 age bracket) are the most educated in history. Their current share of the population, based on best estimates, is now around 83 million. We’ve all heard the stereotypes of millennials from the Boomers and Gen Xers about how they are lazy, entitled, self-centered and self-righteous. You get the picture. Perhaps the thing heard most is about how liberal the generation is. This isn’t false by any means. Millennials are one of the most liberal generations in quite some time. This can be attributed to a number of factors: liberal parents, teaching institutions, or even the media. Look at any campus mall or quad, and at any given time, you will probably see some fat, white, green-haired harpy screaming about how evil white men are. Next to her a “black/latinx womyn” will be shouting about how there is a genocide of black men at the hands of police. Orbiting around these shrieking social justice warriors are a cadre of soy boys varying in race, a number of demi-trans gender-fluid pansexuals with pronouns that change every minute, and a small contingent of white women with either ten plus piercings on their face and ears, or a mens haircut all nodding in agreement. Depending on how big the university is, there may or may not be some kind of law enforcement or media, perhaps both. This is why your parents or grandparents think that all college students are liberal/leftist. The sad reality is that, despite the thirty people at the “protest,” around 60% of the other students not at the event implicitly agree with them. These are the people who are voting in elections, and against their own interests at that. Let’s look at what I mean when I make that claim.

The “Student Debt Crisis” is perhaps the most influential and important issue for college voters, and something that college students are rightly concerned about. Student debt, per student, totals around $37,100. To be fair, for that amount plus about $300, you could get a brand-new Audi A4 Premium. Their concerns are valid. In Wisconsin, where the Republicans lost the executive entirely, the Democrats took an election on immigration, healthcare, and lowering taxes (which were the strongest of the Republican talking points) and turned it into one on roads, student debt, and entitlements. Scott Walker and Leah Vukmir let the narrative slip out of their hands, and let the Democrats ‘nationalize’ the election. Tony Evers and the rest of his Democrats squawked on with their “chicken little mentality” about how “$1.5 trillion in student debt is too much! We have to do something!” Scott Walker had frozen all public university spending for the last six years, meanwhile, students at the University of Wisconsin Madison—the flagship school of the UW system—protested this decision back in 2012. Tony Evers made no promise to keep the freezes in place, and lambasted Walker for enacting them in the first place. Evers made no claim about what he and his administration would do about the “Student Debt Crisis,” yet they won the college vote. College-aged voters voted against their own interest.

Keeping with the Wisconsin theme, Scott Walker secured the largest foreign investment in American history with Foxconn setting up a factory near Milwaukee, with smaller offices and factories being set up all over the state. Foxconn will create at a minimum 13,000 jobs. What Walker had done was create a Wisconsin job market that has more jobs available than there are people to fill them. Walker and his Republican legislature created a phenomenal economy for college students to graduate into, which would be fine if they had voted for him. Instead they voted for the guy who hates the Foxconn deal. They voted against a healthy job market and a robust economy.

The college-educated demographic is typically virulently against any kind of border security. Often on college campuses you can hear things like “We are all global citizens!” “No human being is illegal!” and “Borders are just lines!” These people are all for promoting those globo-homo attacks on the traditional family: transgenderism, homosexuality, and all sorts of sexual debauchery. At the same time, they all for letting in people from all different sects of the death cult they call Islam. In a rational mind, these two things cannot coexist. One will inevitably behead or throw the other off of a building, or both. Be real, most members of the [email protected]!^VO)&* crowd are the same ones pushing open borders, without realizing that they are letting in people who want to kill them.

These are just three examples of how the modern (((college-educated))) voter is voting against their own interest. It’s pretty well known that it is very hard to reason with the leftist, since they cry about “privilege” or “racism” or “microaggressions” or whatever buzzword their Black Lesbian Dance Theory 151 professor taught them earlier that week. They can be countered by normal students joining the College Republicans, Young Americans For Freedom, or other right-leaning organizations. The ambitious could just start their own right-wing group on campus, in either an official or unofficial capacity.

Stay the course, drop redpills, don’t let their labels get to you, and you will be just fine while finding allies along the way.

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