Trump Digs in on Border Wall Battle

Trump Digs in on Border Wall Battle

by Coffee Long

Speaking during a Rose Garden press conference Friday, on what is now the 3rd longest government shutdown in history, President Trump stated that the shutdown could last up to a year if Democrats failed to address his national security concerns. Specifically, at issue is the “big beautiful” border wall he promised throughout his campaign. To get an idea of how seriously Trump is taking this border situation, he is currently only asking for $5 billion, but previously declined an offer of $25 billion in wall funding because it included amnesty for 1.7 million DACA invaders.

Due to the government shutdown, non-essential government employees were placed on unpaid leave pending a budget agreement that, so far, is nowhere in sight. Vice President Mike Pence met Saturday with Democratic congressional aides, which resulted predictably in zero progress. President Trump has, however, suggested that he might be willing to settle for a slat-construction type of fence in lieu of a wall, but has also alluded to declaring a national emergency as an easy solution to getting the wall built.

Now in its 3rd week, Democrats and their media apparatchiks are citing the shutdown as not only an indicator of Trump’s inability to govern, but of his animus towards muh-persons of color. Indeed, no less than cannabis enthusiast, multiple felon, and rapper, Calvin Broadus (aka: Snoop Dogg), has come out to offer his incisive political commentary on the government shutdown’s impact on black folks: “ I said it here, Snoop Dogg, nigga, fuck him! He gon’ shut the government down nigga, you’s a piece of shit, fuck you.”

Mr. Dogg raises an interesting point; given that the majority of “non-essential” government employees are of the multicultural paychecks-for-pulses variety that tend to vote Democrat. While some may view this as just one more THC-infused minstrel with a complaint, this may signal a very delicate situation on the horizon for Democrats. Not only are the current government layoffs more likely to affect Democratic voters, failure to reach a deal by February 1st will see an interruption in food stamps, EBT, and the other assorted gibs on which communities of color rely. We can expect Democrats to direct blame on President Trump for the situation; Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already called the prospect of a border wall not only “a waste of money,” but “immoral” as well. Immoral or not, imagine having to explain to your constituents that they have no access to their gibs or cushy jobs because the president wants to close the border to the people who will be replacing them; not an enviable position.

Trump on the other hand, is virtually guaranteed to be a one-term president should he fail on this last possible opportunity to make substantial headway on border security, and also stands to gain nothing by catering to concerns of minority voters who did not, and will not, vote for him anyway. Further, low-time preference Republican types are unlikely to be inconvenienced by the shut-down until April, when tax return time rolls around. In short, there is essentially no reason not to expect the president to go all in on this budget deal.

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