White Officer Sentenced for Killing Black Criminal in Self-Defense

White Officer Sentenced for Killing Black Criminal in Self-Defense

On Friday, former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was sentenced to 6 years and 9 months in prison for killing an armed Black man who attacked police in 2014. The Black man, Laquon McDonald, had been reported to police for breaking into cars and carrying a knife on South Pulaski Road in Chicago. When police confronted him, he attacked their car with the knife, breaking the windshield and slashing the tires. McDonald was brandishing the knife at officers when Van Dyke finally stopped the criminal with his firearm. Hospital analysis showed that McDonald was high on PCP at the time of the incident.

This is a clear example of a police officer doing his job in a dangerous city. There’s only one problem: Van Dyke is a White man in 2019 America. Even though his action was obvious self-defense, it did not matter. His actions aren’t what made him guilty—his race is. If the roles were reversed (though they never are), and a Black officer killed a White man in self-defense, not only would the officer not be convicted, we would never even hear about it, because the media would not have whipped up the anti-White mob which eventually brought down Van Dyke.

Whites are consistently the victims of Black violence, a fact which is deliberately ignored by those who control the public discourse. The only time Black violence is brought to the forefront is when a White person defends himself. And even then, the Black violence is no longer the issue, but the White self-defense is.

Police especially are forced to deal with this issue. Van Dyke correctly surmised that McDonald was a threat. There was a deranged Black man wielding a knife, and charging him and the other officers. He is just supposed to wait and see what happens next? At what point is Van Dyke finally allowed to defend himself? When the knife penetrates his body? Is he allowed to fire a shot off with his last, dying breath? At what point is it OK for a White man to defend himself from a violent Black criminal? According to the media and the judge and jury of this sham trial, the answer is never.

The prosecution brought forward as witnesses several Black criminals who Van Dyke had arrested in the past. In a sane world, these witnesses would be seen as justification for Van Dyke’s actions. After years working as a Chicago police officer, he knows what a dangerous criminal looks like. Instead, his enforcement of the law was used as evidence that he is a racist. Van Dyke doing his job was framed as a pattern of racist behavior. The trial criminalized a cop fulfilling his duty.

There was immense pressure on the city to get a conviction in this trial. After several high-profile cases involving White officers killing Black criminals led to acquittals—and then riots—city officials were worried about the destruction that would be unleashed. By doubling down on Black violence, anti-White instigators have coerced police departments and local governments into dropping their steadfast defense of law enforcement.

The Van Dyke incident is just one example of the continuing breakdown of law and order in America.

Jay Lorenz

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