Civic Nationalism is Untenable for the GOP

Civic Nationalism is Untenable for the GOP

I recently was conversing with a typical civnat “I just want immigration to be legal” Republican whose family has long been involved in party politics. He was confounded as to why his black brother-in-law would never even consider voting red despite espousing the typical tropes. “Wow, that’s just really weird,” I replied.

It should be no surprise that Black America essentially views itself as a separate entity and will always vote as an entity. The segment of the population with the lowest average IQ can never be poisoned by an esoteric concept it cannot understand. Such minds don’t entertain abstracts, only instinct and lived experiences.

In America, Whites alone toil to mentally reject human nature in the service of the absurd and destructive notion of civic nationalism. There’s also a sense of compulsion involved. They’d be ostracized as evil for embracing reality. Trouble is, the Ascendant never rejected reality. That’s starting to create some real cognitive dissonance.

The vast majority of Whites, especially those with kids, strive to live around their own kind. However, they seek to do that by purchasing homes in the most affluent area possible in the name of “good schools,” “great restaurants,” and “low crime.” It’s like saying you want a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes but you’ve got no racial preference about who you date.

As the country rapidly becomes less and less white via mass 3rd World migration, that’s becoming more and more expensive. Demographics are exacerbated by economics as middle class jobs that Boomers once used to raise families are becoming scarce. We can see this manifested in sub-replacement birth rates and a variety of other economic indicators.

At a certain point, will enough Whites stop trying to square this circle? The task is getting harder and harder to rationally attempt as they’re being rapidly reduced to a minority in a “nation” with an elaborate and ever-expanding system of racial preferences for the benefit of everyone else at their expense. Other racial groups openly advocate to advance their own interests and yet Whites are expected to refrain in perpetuity?

What about the Republican Party, which is the only political vehicle for their discontent? If it continues to refuse that role, then by 2020 or 2024 it will cease to be viable at the national level. Swift demographic change in states like Georgia, Florida, Texas will prove decisive. The 2018 midterms showed they’re a hair away from flipping blue. Only by appealing directly to Whites can the GOP drive higher turnout to hold ground.

For all his faults, Trump has a good shot at a repeat. He tacitly appealed to White interests in 2016. That’s the only way he’ll win again. If he wins, he’ll probably deliver a House majority to them another time around. Although, post-2020 everything will be up to the GOP. Will they reform and espouse rhetoric for White interests just as the Dems already do for People of Color? They’ve refused so far and paid the price in 2018. If they can’t change their script then, all the Dem craziness in the world won’t matter, because the GOP won’t be able to turn out enough voters to oppose them.

The future’s not looking bright seeing how they’ve done nothing to limit mass migration, and unanimously condemned even mild voices like Representative Steve King. It seems like the party establishment is trying to wait out the Trump era so they can start running Mitt Romney-style candidates again. A President AOC is looking like a real possibility given the dismal demographics of the electoral map in the coming years.

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