Equity vs Equality

Liberals no longer want equal treatment for all, but equal outcomes. This means handicapping the most capable to prop up the least capable.

Equity vs Equality

by Ernst Heidegger

In the course of my rhetorical dueling with Leftists, I’d noticed over the past few years frequent substitution of “Equality” for “Equity” in their talking points. Knowing that words mean things and no change in the tack of leftist intelligentsia is without nefarious motive, I often inquired of the opponent, “why do you use Equity in place of where you previously used Equality?”

They’d never answer the question, probably because they were just regurgitating dogma and didn’t know why, but there was certainly a reason behind this shift. This article paints it academically. In short, equality was the meritocratic position, the position held by those who still think this is Olde America.


Equality: ‘Everyone has as close to possible equal opportunity, do with it what you will.’ And, like the mythos of Olde America, Equality is also dead.

The transition from equality to equity is a tacit acknowledgment that these protected classes at issue can’t compete on a level playing field, even when provided equal opportunity. Equality is absolute, while equity is relative. Equity is also subjective, so it can be redefined to mean whatever the wielder wants it to mean (like ‘racist!’ or ‘Nazi!’).

Equity is affirmative action. Equity is acknowledging that not every protected class is equal, or has equal potential, and applying a policy of equality to them results in them still having lower outcomes than nonprotected classes (whites and east Asians).

Equity is equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity. Equity means a lower bar for everyone, and it doesn’t take much searching to witness the impact this policy, and the mindset that produced it, has had on society.

How does the Right combat this?

For starters, do not capitulate on the culture war; it’s a shame that this isn’t patently obvious to everyone, but the mainstream Right long ago ceded this territory almost entirely to the Left, only mustering token resistance to hot button issues like late term abortion, which as time has borne out in States like NY and VA, is not succeeding.

If you have a conservative acquaintance whose political platform begins and ends with marginal tax rates, ask them why they have ceded the culture war to their opponents. Ask them what good a preferential marginal tax rate is if they don’t have a civilization to tax.

Remain active in the comment feeds of your local news websites, and continue to countersignal the anti-white cultural narrative. When you are active on these platforms, your arguments aren’t constructed to try to convert opponents to your side, they are constructed to appeal to those who agree with you internally but have been bullied by popular culture and their kosher social circles into silence. There are far more of those people out there than we know.

Fight on this front with the same tenacity and resolve as your enemy is using against you, because losing on this front, even if the Right is victorious on all the others (which, at present pace, it won’t be, but that’s another story for another day), leads to a sequence of unfortunate events that we don’t come back from.

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