FTN 188: Dreams of Brown and Green

FTN 188: Dreams of Brown and Green

McFeels and Halberstram give their prognostications on the current state of the wall negotiations, Dems’ NEA whataboutism, the politics of the GOP attempting termination of an emergency declaration, inside a chaotic White House, Trump’s Achilles heel(s), and erratic decision-making through the eyes of Cliff Sims, Trump’s potential deal-breaker on legal immigration, purging conservatives (whites) from the Democratic Party, AOC’s dreams of brown and green, the raging Virginia bonfire, 2020 Dems, Florida “man” jailed for licking fellow lawmakers, and more. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN!

h/t to David Santa Carla for this week’s cover art:

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – State of Wall Negotiations
00:21:00 – National Emergency Whataboutism
00:25:00 – Termination Politics
00:32:00 – Inside a Chaotic WH
00:53:00 – Legal Immigration Deal-Breaker
01:27:00 – Europa Report
01:35:00 – Dems’ Conservative (White) Purge
02:00:00 – Dreams of Brown and Green
01:54:00 – State of Non-Negotiations
02:20:00 – VA Bonfire
02:36:00 – 2020 Dems
02:49:00 – Florida “Man”
02:54:00 – Outro

Jazzhands McFeels

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