FTN 190: Flight 93 Declaration

FTN 190: Flight 93 Declaration

McFeels and Halberstram level set on the expectations and realistic outcomes of the border security bill, beginning with the many missed opportunities that culminated in the moment, the stark political realities of how this process moved forward, followed by a debunking and clarifying of the several poison pill provisions before pivoting to the long-awaited emergency declaration both as a viable vehicle for completing the wall and as an unprecedented rhetorical inflection point on immigration. Then it’s onto RBG, Barr to AG, reclaiming CA’s rail fail money, 2020 Dems big field and its uncertainty for the establishment, primary bloodsports, Kabbalah/Beto, and more. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN!

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Level Setting
00:13:00 – Unsustainable Veto
00:18:00 – Mitch’s Shit Sandwich
00:24:00 – Debunking Poison Pills
00:43:00 – What the Bill Didn’t Do
00:53:00 – Flight 93 Declaration
01:15:00 – Legal Challenges
01:27:00 – Europa Report
01:35:00 – They Live
01:47:00 – Lol JK Totally Not a Coup
02:00:00 – $3.5B Clawback
02:05:00 – Big Field = Establishment Uncertainty
02:12:00 – Primary Bloodsports
02:18:00 – Kabbalah/Beto 2020
02:30:00 – Also Rans
02:48:00 – Outro

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