FTN 192: Joint Irresolution

FTN 192: Joint Irresolution

McFeels and Halberstram roll with a 3 part format this weekend to make room for Larry Ridgeway’s new bit, Schadenfreude Suppository. In part 1, it’s a breakdown of the congressional rube goldberg theatrics through which the joint resolution must pass before it lands on Trump’s desk for a veto, plus white pills from Iowa and lol pills from House Dems on ICE. Part 2 is a look at what’s next with Mueller, Schiff, and the SDNY along with neocon watch on Venezuela and Syria. Part 3 is 2020 Dems, Amazon, followed by some select bottom of the stack stuhrries. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN!

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Joint Irresolution
00:24:00 – Military Industrial Wall-Building Complex
00:30:00 – Based Iowa
00:41:00 – House Dems: No ICE Alert for Illegal Gun Sales
00:45:00 – Schadenfreude Suppository
00:51:00 – Report Wrangling
01:05:00 – Impeachment Silence
01:11:00 – SDNY + State Charges
01:17:00 – NeoCon Watch: Venezuela + Syria
01:27:00 – Europa Report
01:35:00 – CBC S.A. Junket
01:38:00 – DiFi Takes Heat
01:41:00 – Bern the Feel
01:50:00 – No Reparations Without Repatriation
02:08:00 – Amazon Shit Test
02:18:00 – Bottom of the Stack
02:30:00 – Outro

Jazzhands McFeels

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