Prosecuting the Past

Governor Northam is a casualty of America’s massive culture shift, which pathologizes normal White behavior from past decades as racist and evil.

Prosecuting the Past

35 years.

That’s all it took for Ralph Northam’s medical school hijinks to turn from a good time into an unforgivable sin.

In 1984, Northam’s friends laughed at the KKK and blackface costumes he and a friend wore at a Halloween party while attending East Virginia Medical School. People applauded as he showed his moves at a local bar dance competition while wearing a Michael Jackson costume complete with blackface. In 2019, he is being universally condemned, with nearly his entire party calling for his resignation as a retroactive punishment.

We have witnessed cultural change at such a pace that the America of only 35 years ago is considered not only outdated, but condemnable and downright evil. In the 1980s, Northam’s actions would have been considered to be firmly within the lines of social norms. The costumes weren’t secrets—he wore them in public, and put this picture on his yearbook page:

No one cared.

People thought it was funny.

Want more proof? In that same yearbook, four more people appeared in blackface according to a report from CNN. Mark Herring, Virginia’s Attorney General has also since admitted to wearing blackface while in college in the 80s. Want even more proof? Talk to anyone who came of age in the 1980s or before. This stuff was normal. Our culture has turned on itself so quickly that anyone over the age of forty has to completely disavow his personal past. And every White American has to disavow his country’s past.

Why is this happening?

It is an attack on White America. Whites are being demographically replaced. Whites have gone from a 90% majority at the beginning of the 20th century, to 80% when Coonman was in his heyday, to about 56% today. In order to justify this transformation, the architects of the replacement attack and delegitimize America’s White past. Each decade, looking back, as the country gets whiter and whiter, its attitudes and social norms become more and more unacceptable to the ruling elite.

For another example, look at the controversy over the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments. Not very long ago, Confederate imagery was perfectly acceptable in the South, and in much of the rest of the country. Now, that symbol has been thrown into the same bin as blackface and the KKK. The flag used to fly outside of Southern capitals not long ago. Not anymore. Southern politicians race to distance themselves from the flag, which many of them embraced in the past.

The statues of the Confederacy are being toppled across the South. “Racism” is used as the justification. Certainly, the powers that be have a hatred for the Confederacy because of its unabashedly pro-White history, but it is even more sinister than that. They want to destroy these symbols, not just because of the attitudes the figures held, or the movement they represent, but because they are White. These statues are not just symbols of the Confederacy—they are symbols of Whiteness. Notice that they have not stopped with Confederate symbols—a statue of the composer Stephen Foster was toppled in Pittsburgh over “racism” charges, for just one example. Notice also what these statues are being replaced with. The new statues going up aren’t of White Americans who are less “racist” than those toppled. They are being replaced, universally, with representations of other ethnic groups.

As a people is replaced, so too must its symbols be replaced.

It’s unclear who gave the tip for the Northam story. It could have been a conservative angry at Northam for his disturbing comments on abortion. It could have been Democrats seeking to smear him for his lack of tact as he described the Party’s support for infanticide. It could have been Justin Fairfax, the Lieutenant Governor (and Northam’s would-be successor).

Whoever it was, they knew exactly what nerve to hit in 2019. A White man committing “racism,” even in the distant past, is a shoo-in to destroy him. At this point, it does not appear that Northam will resign, even under immense pressure to do so. He would remain governor for three more years if he weathers the storm. However, his political future is finished after that. He has no chance of winning public office again, and the fallout won’t end there.

It’s a bad time to be, or to have ever been, a normal White man in America.

Jay Lorenz

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