We’re Watching You, White Man

In the workplace, Whites are under constant surveillance to make sure they don’t violate the sacred tenets of diversity.

We’re Watching You, White Man

One of the biggest problems facing our daily lives is the entrenched favoritism of our major institutions for POC and other designated victim-groups. Government, major corporations, large-scale nonprofits, and academia all will be responsive to the complaints of Jews, blacks, or gays without looking at a larger picture.

I worked at an organization where I was put on a team with a promiscuous homosexual of Filipino background. He would frequently regale the men on our team with graphic descriptions of his sexual escapades with hundreds of men, his prowess with fellatio, and so on. All members of the team, mostly Asian, tolerated this behavior despite an intense distaste. This Filipino frequently insulted me about my appearance, the way I pronounced names, my contributions in our meetings, and just generally pestered and harassed me. On one occasion, I made a joking remark about his being gay, and he immediately went to the supervisor of our team and threatened to file a charge against me with the administration of our organization, despite the fact that I had been tolerant towards his bad behavior. Our supervisor was scared and I apologized. I admitted my remark was inappropriate if viewed out of context.

The point of my story is that while goys may be able to tolerate a little give-and-take in interpersonal dealings, POC, gays, etc. are quick to complain to as high a level as necessary if they hear something they don’t like. And I do mean “hear.” You don’t have to say anything to their face; they just have to overhear you speaking to someone else and they will bring down hell. Some may accuse us of an animus against these “protected classes,” but rest assured, the feeling is mutual. Diversity always begets conflict. It is a fundamental fact of human nature. The fact that the aforementioned major institutions have enshrined diversity as a central value speaks to the blindness of our age. I worked at another organization where my annual performance review was based on five categories, one of which was “honors diversity.” In order to achieve the maximum score of 5 out of 5 according to HR’s rubric, you have to essentially be an SJW. Thus, the incentive structure of the entire organization encourages grievance, PC, and goodthink.

The questions I raised in my last article are salient here. When America is a minority-white country, what will whites do? Believe my averment that POC and victim-groups can dish it out, but they can’t take it. I expect that in the coming decades, we will experience harassment with little recourse from our new majority.

Let no up-and-coming goy youth be deceived. You are being watched, heard, and scrutinized. Keep your emotions and words guarded in the workplace. This goes a fortiori if you are unlucky enough to live in an area with a large Jewish population. Ask Ralph Northam, governor of Virginia—the passage of 35 years will not help you.

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