Black Conservatives are Minstrels

Black Conservatives are Minstrels

Have you ever felt an urge sell out? Well, that’s too bad you don’t have the option. For white men, advocating principles congruent to our survival and sovereignty brings penalties. The best you can realistically hope to do by sacrificing your principles is to avoid the unpleasant tribulations of a thought criminal in exchange for a filthy conscience.

There’s no vein of gold to mine in return for your compliance. If you’ve got a yearning for positive attention, there won’t be an audience waiting to help you indulge it. For other people though, such inducements are waiting for anyone with an IQ over 75 and a lack of violent felony convictions. These people are black, of course.

They don’t really need to sell out, just reject their black authenticity enough to do a minstrel show featuring stale conservative platitudes rather than the minstrel show rappers perform for white high school students. White conservatives are desperate to trot them around like circus acts to somehow prove that they’re not racists. The fact that none of their critics believe this doesn’t pose the slightest deterrent. If you attract the ire of the NYT, they’ll just praise you as more “based.”

The rappers, however distasteful and unhelpful to their own kind, remain true to their black authenticity. Thus, their self-esteem remains intact. Although, they don’t get fawned over at CPAC and showered with money by Conservatism, Inc. There’s also zero chance of getting shot at such events, as opposed to the rap scene which is fraught with such risk. That’s certainly a plus, but sadly one which requires a bit of future-time orientation to appreciate.

If the benefit-cost ratio is worth it, then why not get out there, black folks? It’s wide open! It’ll pay better than a day job. You don’t even have to play some Carlton Banks-type character. Now that the Obama Era is over, it’s been made clear by the MSM that it’s unacceptable even for him to expect that sort of deportment.

“Mmmm-hmmm, We gots rights, y’all.” Imagine being one of the white conservatives watching this absurdity. Imagine actually feeling good about yourself because you’re cheering it on. Diamond and Silk’s CPAC appearance is partially-watchable with a few drinks, but who could sit through their YouTube videos? Clearly plenty of people do, and zero of them are black.

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