Kamala Cucks on Reparations

After endorsing reparations for descendants of slaves, Harris has now walked back her position.

Kamala Cucks on Reparations

In two interviews this week, Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris walked back her position in favor of reparations for Black Americans. While speaking to pro-Black publications The Root and The Grio, Harris said that she does not support direct reparations for descendants of slaves, but supports the Lift Act, which gives a $500 per month tax credit to all low income working families, regardless of race. Previously, Harris had explicitly supported reparations for descendants of slaves.

In the interviews, Harris made it clear that she planned to use the rhetoric of anti-Whiteness for electoral benefit rather than outline any tangible plan for reparations. Speaking to The Root, Harris called President Trump a racist for his comments on shithole countries and his response to the violence caused by Antifa and the Virginia government in Charlottesville. On the pro-White Charlottesville protesters, Harris said, “You didn’t even have to have the volume on, by the way, to see the hate.” This statement shows that this rhetoric isn’t about anything other than anti-Whiteness. Harris didn’t need to know what the protesters were saying or why they were there. All she needed to know was that a group of White people was in public expressing themselves politically to know that it was hateful and evil.

Harris continued to discuss the race issue, claiming that race is still a big issue in America. She contrasted her views with the post-racial orthodoxy of the oughts, saying that race should at the forefront of American politics. Harris even went so far as to call race a national security issue for the second time in recent weeks, trying to play up the issue, and perhaps even justify future executive action. She also referred to the bulk of American history as a “crime.”

Harris also showed a serious lack of intelligence while pandering to Black voters. She claimed that lynching is not a crime in America, despite the fact that it is illegal in every state, and said she introduced a bill to outlaw it. The interviewer corrected her, saying that lynching was not a federal crime, but he believed it should be. Neither party seemed to comprehend the fact that there is no need for additional legislation on lynching, because not only is the crime virtually non-existent, it is already covered by existing statute. The lack of a federal law was perceived by both of them as racism.

Harris continued to show her lack of command of the issues, twice calling the race card the “race car.”

You would think that someone who makes a living playing the race card would know what it is called. Apparently, Harris plans on driving the issue rather than simply playing it.

The pro-Black community considers Harris’s recent remarks a betrayal. She has clearly gone back on her endorsement of reparations. The Lift Act makes it an economic, rather than a racial issue, meaning her position is no different from that of Bernie Sanders. While her anti-White rhetoric may be second to none, Harris is not the radical change agent the pro-reparations crowd is looking for.

Jay Lorenz

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