Rand Paul and the Pathetic State of Libertarianism

Rand Paul and the Pathetic State of Libertarianism

In a guest article for Fox News Sunday evening, Senator Rand Paul attempted to defend his decision of voting against President Trump’s use of emergency powers to secure additional funding for the Border Wall. In the article, an excerpt of which Senator Paul also posted to his Twitter, he states:

Every single Republican I know decried President Obama’s use of executive power to legislate. We were right then. But the only way to be an honest officeholder is to stand up for the same principles no matter who is in power.”

In the dissident right, especially in those halcyon days of 2016 and 2017, there once existed the idea of a so-called “Libertarian to Alt-Right Pipeline.” Many of the most vocal personalities within the alt-right today began their political journeys in libertarian anti-war circles. Richard Spencer himself even introduced Dr. Ron Paul in a 2007 speech that the former Representative gave to the Robert Taft Club during the early days of his 2008 presidential run.

The idea was that so many white advocates today were once libertarian because that political designation was itself merely an implicit proxy for race. White libertarians then were subconsciously racialist men who were either too naive or not yet brave enough to explicitly identify as pro-white, which would involve them advocating for economic and cultural policies expressly benefiting them and their brethren. Because of the unique features of George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s presidencies—in which mainstream Right and Left ideologies melded into one ascendant neo-con/neo-liberal imperialist abomination—some kind of libertarian phase was a necessary pass-through on the way to arriving at one’s present alternative position. This was even more necessary and inevitable given how much less polarized public discourse was at the time.

This is no longer the case. Libertarian doctrine and typical positions, as exemplified in Senator Paul’s decision and pathetic justification, are complete jokes that no one who even remotely identifies with the alt-right should ever take seriously again.

There was a time when anarcho-capitalist libertarians like Hans Herman Hoppe and Murray Rothbard, themselves direct descendants of Ayn Rand, were the faces of libertarianism, at least to those on the anti-war right that eventually transformed into the alt-right. But again, that is no longer the case. Libertarians like Rand Paul are enamored of an ideology that has zero vocal mainstream proponents outside of the Capitol Building. The culture has moved on, replacing the old face of Libertarianism with bow tie-wearing cucks like Jeffrey Tucker and purple-haired hedonists at Reason, who regularly write articles defending “sex workers,” pornography, drugs, automation, and every other culturally degenerate vice and anti-white working class policy you can imagine.

Senator Paul is that breed of straight white man who needs to either get with the program, or go ahead and die off already. The men of this disappearing breed would rather autistically grandstand about an old piece of paper than to seize power and wield political will in any serious fashion. Will it matter if such people are technically right according to an abstract principle of jurisprudence when this country is majority brown and people like Rand Paul are never able to hold any major legislative position again?

Senator Paul ends his Fox News piece by stating that, “My oath is to the Constitution, not to any man or political party.” What about the people, Senator? What about the white American nation that built this country? What about your white working-class constituents in Kentucky? What about your three white children, who will one day be outnumbered by the spawn of illegal immigrants that you let pour into this country because actually doing something to stop it would have violated your precious principles?

There is no room for fence-sitters or centrist libertarian types in the current political climate. You either support the genocide of white America or you oppose it. What’s it gonna’ be, Rand?

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