The Case for Universal Basic Income

The Case for Universal Basic Income

The primary achievement of Andrew Yang already seems to be clear: the introduction of Universal Basic Income (UBI) into dissident right-wing discourse. It’s here to stay, so we might as well acquaint ourselves with its potential merits and short-term prospects.

Funding For Thought Criminals

It’s extremely difficult for those lacking independent means to make a living if they’ve been doxed or chosen to use their real name in the course of their pro-White advocacy. This is because the oligarchic interests whom they oppose have made a draconian effort to ban them from the economy. In a society where free speech is still legal, that’s the most effective measure to suppress those who have truth and reason on their side. Yang’s UBI of 1,000 dollars per month would be a very useful lifeline. If such a proposal ever came to fruition, it’s likely we’d see an exponential increase in public expressions of dissent.

A Potent Reason to Oppose Migration

If you were someone lacking in political awareness, but you were receiving a free check every month from the government, how kindly disposed would you be to everyone from everywhere pouring in to get that same check? A UBI would bring one of our fundamental contentions: that open borders are incompatible with welfare states, into sharp focus for the general public. At present, it’s obscured by programs like SNAP, Section 8, and Medicaid that don’t apply to the average taxpayer.

Moreover, the underlying premise for the provision of UBI is that the modern economy is growing increasingly insufficient to meet the needs of normal people. This notion finds itself in inherent opposition to the canard that mass migration is necessary for economic prosperity. In rhetorical impact alone, it proffers enormous utility.

It Distributes Something from the Empire to White Americans

While tottering, the USA is still at its apex of geo-political power. It alone has the ability to issue the world’s reserve currency as a mechanism to vendor finance itself at the expense of the rest of the world. These resources have been deployed to the benefit of nations like Israel and to further the project of mass 3rd world migration rather than to better the lives of legacy America.

Still, the nation is dependent on the productivity and complacency of the average White American in order to remain functional at a 1st world level. Most of them contribute more than what they’ll ever receive in return. In other words, they take a loss on the Empire while other racial groups benefit from its subsidies. The whole rotten thing is eventually destined to be a failed project. Why don’t they deserve to get while the getting is good?

Assessing the Short Term Prospects: What’s Likely?

Don’t get your hopes up about receiving a dime in UBI anytime within the next few years. Andrew Yang has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination, let alone the White House. Even if he did, the Republicans would still likely control at least the Senate until 2022. They’d never back such legislation. Furthermore, a vast swath of Boomers would instinctually despise the concept of UBI as “socialism.” There’s a psychological element for this demographic as well: they’ve been working and paying taxes for 40+ years without enjoying “free money.” How would they feel about some young person receiving it?

Assessing the Short Term Prospects: Highly Hypothetical

The only chance that some sort of UBI program would stand of going through in the near future is under extreme duress. Thus, it might be implemented in response to the next financial crisis. This was the method in which TARP funding passed in 2008. During that period, Congress was in a state of panic and confusion. That’s when things become possible that are considered outrageous under normal circumstances.

Under such a scenario, “Helicopter Money” might be distributed as a means to stimulate the economy and prop up the financial system by insuring that personal debts would continue to be serviced. UBI could be a component of that strategy. This is definitely NOT a development to plan on. The future is opaque in general. The next financial crisis is inevitable, but the timing, precise causes, and responses are speculative topics even for the wisest of prognosticators on these matters.

In Conclusion

UBI seems destined to be a very appealing proposition for years to come. As such, it could be very useful for right-wing dissidents to incorporate into our rhetoric since it can be employed to compliment many of our talking points. However, financial prudence and investment in useful skills are much better personal strategies than getting excited about 1,000 dollars every month.

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