The Censorship of Brenton Tarrant

The Censorship of Brenton Tarrant

The Great Replacement: Towards A New Society is the manifesto written by Brenton Tarrant, the NZ mosque shooter. He’s been the subject of a draconian and unprecedented effort by Western governments and tech monopolies to keep as mysterious as possible, right down to arresting commenters on his rampage and even blurring out his face in court appearances.

Let’s note that Tarrant is unhinged before proceeding any further. If you require any textual proof, here’s the last line of his manifesto: “I will see you in Valhalla.” The last sober-minded person to utter that was probably a Viking over a millennia ago.

For one to acquire further insights into this young man’s thought process, it’s necessary to read the entirety of his lengthy dissertation. If you’re living in a country that doesn’t seek to jail you for doing so, this is a task that will require 74 pages’ worth of reading.

There’s a clarity to its arrangement but it isn’t nearly as well-written as Industrial Society and Its Future, better known as the “Unabomber’s Manifesto.” It was penned by Ted Kaczynski, who in spite of his derangement, is a brilliant Harvard-educated mathematician with a PhD. His academic credentials were revealed in his composition (which was part of how the FBI apprehended him).

Tarrant includes a section on background about himself disclosing his lack of higher education. That’s readily apparent from reading, although it’s clearly not the work of a low-IQ individual. Moreover, his points of discontent are elucidated sufficiently. None of that is particularly problematic in itself. Lots of spree killers have made statements about their motives without inciting a sweeping campaign of censorship, most notably Kaczynski.

He was actually published in both the New York Times and Washington Post back in 1995 when these newspapers commanded an enormous share of the national readership. His contention that modern technological life is unsustainable and incongruous with human nature continues to elicit a nebulous resonance with some readers. However, the idea that they should even shut off their refrigerator immediately strikes nearly everyone as patently insane. His ideology is a non-starter and absolutely zero threat to any political consensus. This is the most conspicuous point of divergence between Kaczynski and Tarrant.

It’s crucial to note that Tarrant’s work became anathema within an hour not because the average White person agrees with his act. The vast majority rightfully find it appalling just as they did those of Kaczynski. They are, however, in agreement with his reasons for anger, for example mass Muslim migration into the West and the rapid displacement of Whites as majorities, along with all the inherent carnage and consequences. Of that, there’s ample and mounting evidence.

This hostility towards unconsented Establishment policies has been signaled in the most jarring ways possible over the past few years beginning with Brexit, escalating to Trump, and now the profound political upheaval all over Continental Europe through democratic elections. All of this has been fueled by open discourse and access to information. That’s why the reaction was so rapid and severe. It’s why they’re willing to risk the outrage incited by such affronts to the notion of a free and open society.

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