The Kosher M.R.E.

The U.S. military works for Israel and against the interests of White Americans.

The Kosher M.R.E.

by Jäger

The oath of enlistment which every aspiring military service-member must swear themselves to (with exception to commissioning officers) contains the words “… I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and orders of the officers appointed over me…” as part of his obligation. However, the next line, a caveat, is, “…according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice…” This places moral culpability on the new recruit to follow orders that pass the moral, ethical and legal test. In this day-and-age where unbridled social-justice attitudes and moral signaling are more the rule than the exception, words like “moral,” “ethical,” and “legal” can be interpreted loosely to fit any anti-White narrative pushed by the J-Left media apparatus. This raises the question: How susceptible are military personnel, especially the commissioned officers that lead them, to mainstream leftist propaganda aimed at discrediting President Trump’s chief campaign promise, and primary duty as Commander-in-Chief, to secure the United States’ southern border? Secondly, will they support the Commander-in-Chief regardless of it?

Bottom line up front: “Increasingly so,” to answer the first question and, “yes, for the time being,” to answer the second. These questions are not all that simple to answer in cut-and-dry terms, as the military continues to become increasingly multicultural. As demographic decline continues, political attitudes and ethical and racial allegiances and sentiments diverge and solidify despite virtue signalers’ hopes. Obviously, this outcome spells disaster for our military, as its strength and means of success was traditionally rooted in unity of purpose, mission, and racial identity. To those who are “woke” to race-realism, it should be no surprise that our nation’s military efforts became less and less successful after the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act was passed (from the Vietnam Conflict through the current Global War on Terrorism), allowing people from the Global South to immigrate and integrate into American society and, ultimately, serve in the United States Armed Forces.

I am a member of the Officer Corps, and obtained my commission through the Virginia Military Institute which was then a redoubt of traditional Southern conservative values and military heritage. Even this last bastion of hope for preserving and creating an American “warrior class” true to the character of a pre-1965 United States is vulnerable to the pressure of the J-Left to heel to “muh diversity.” After becoming racially integrated in 1968 and then later, after being forced by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 1995 spearheaded by the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice (((Ruth Bater Ginsburg))) to allow women to enroll as members of the Corps of Cadets, the precedent was set for the acid of “progressivism” to seep in and ultimately weather away this institution over time. The latest example of the precipitation of these liberal efforts is the fact that newly matriculated cadets, knows as “rats,” are no longer made to follow the time-honored tradition of saluting the immense and inspiring statue of Confederate General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson as they exit barracks through an arch emblazoned with his meritocratic quote, “You may be whatever you resolve to be.” This hard departure from tradition is an obvious knee-jerk reaction by VMI’s Superintendent, Gen. J.H. Binford Peay III, and the school’s board of visitors in light of the aftermath of the Unite the Right Rally which took place in neighboring Charlottesville in August of 2017. For fear that the leftist mob would next lay siege to the fortress-like campus and demand that it remove its statues of White men who once wielded power, the leaders of VMI sacrificed a bit of their soul in an effort to signal that they weren’t racist. If they would have doubled-down (or at least done nothing at all) instead of cucking I would still consider sending my sons there and generously donating to the school as dutiful alumni are expected to. However, while the potential for a new and uglier civil war looms, I will decide not to fund apologetic, anti-White moral cowardice or send my children to an egalitarian re-education camp couched in faux Western military tradition until my alma mater course corrects.

Today’s military officers remain predominantly conservative in their political views (47%) but are undoubtedly shifting more towards the Left (22%) according to a poll conducted by the National Defense University of 500 active duty members and West Point Cadets in 2017. Nothing too surprising here, but worrisome nonetheless. As time passes, the current narratives persist, and as the new members of the Officer Corps become more and more racially diverse through affirmative action admission policies at universities with ROTC programs, these numbers will surely trend more toward the Liberal end of the spectrum, taking the 32% moderate-identifying portion with them. But, what about the old war horses who make the decisions and help craft national defense and foreign policies, the field grade (O-4 through O-6) and the general officers? Currently, these military elites are prime examples of the Baby Boomer Generation and it does not require any sort of mental gymnastics to make the cognitive leap that they are majority White and male (good), but neocon in their political ideology and uniformly supportive of Israel (terrible), forming the upper crust of the Kosher Meal, Ready-to-Eat (M.R.E.).

While the true machinations of the world of high-ranking military officers are veiled in secrecy and skewed by assumptions fueled from horribly inaccurate and Jewish-written television shows and movies, their intentions can be gleaned from a critical evaluation of the military adventurism over the past couple of decades. Before, and certainly following, 9-11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. military was widely engaged in conflict in the Middle East to combat Islamic terrorism and topple autocratic regimes for one or both of the two incredibly erroneous but commonly believed reasons: Spreading “muh freedom and democracy” to poor, disaffected Arabs or to acquire their petroleum. However, the real two reasons for these campaigns that American citizens won’t come to accept because of their cognitive dissonance and the Boomer-tier, “patrio-tard” opium found in Toby Keith songs that they eagerly lap up are: 1) Sow chaos and create power vacuums amongst Israel’s hostile Arab neighbors in order to allow them to expand Israeli hegemony in the region 2) enlarge and empower the Military Industrial Complex in an uncertain time following the fall of the Soviet Union.

The general officers were the perpetrators of this toxic pro-Israel and globalist shilling. These conflicts did nothing but fan the flames of Islamic extremism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and throughout the world, create ISIS in the wake of the decapitated and failing Arab states, incite a migrant crisis that would plague Europe in the years that followed, cost the U.S. taxpayers approximately $2.4 trillion dollars, and cause the deaths of 7,000 U.S. Service-members with over 50,000 wounded in action. If we did it for the oil then why am I paying over $3.00 a gallon at the pump? This cascading stream of terrible global events isn’t coincidental. Most assuredly there’s a big nose behind them, because Israel is the only one who seems to have benefited from the situation as its closest opposition has been wiped out (with the exception of Iran) and those Arab states still remaining are becoming increasingly tolerant of Israel if not outright cooperative with it.

The Military Industrial Complex absorbed about $500 billion dollars in contracts (13% of the Federal Budget) last year. Quite a lucrative business. It’s also a very nepotistic one, at least in terms of prior military superiors hiring their former subordinates in order to take care of them. Field Grade and General Officers typically retire out of the military and obtain employment with a defense contractor that aligns with their former military career field (e.g. a U.S. Army Armor Officer might seek employment with General Dynamics that are contracted to work on the M1 Abrams tank). Obviously, war is good for business. Persistent and protracted wars that evolve and require newer and more costly hardware solutions in support of Israel are even better. Wealth obtained from conflict that is assuaged by and coupled with Boomer, Judeo-Christian beliefs is irresistible for these misguided former leaders who convince themselves that they are still serving their country out of uniform. To them, the defense of Israel is inseparable from the defense of the United States or may even take precedence in some cases. Providing weapons to the Jews is nothing after having ordered your own men to spill their blood for the same cause. Aside from that, in their eyes, protracted conflicts in the Middle East are far more profitable than building a simple wall that will actually defend their country from an imminent and in-progress hostile foreign invasion from Mexicans and South Americans.

Black-pilled yet? If not, you’re about to be. I have one more for you to choke down, fam: Even though these boomer neocon generals are being phased out due to retirement or meeting their untimely deaths with boner pills prescriptions in hand, they are being replaced with subordinates who are increasingly Leftist but just as pro-Israel and globalist as they. The Jewish State and its diaspora, through cultural subversion of the United States of America, is building upon its expeditionary force comprised of unquestioning Gollum. Slowly, but surely, they are eradicating its White, conservative majority in favor of a darker and more compliant one that will never turn on them if and when the rest of White America wakes up.

The shift to a GloboHomo military is well in progress and the narratives run very deep. For instance, in some units, more command emphasis is placed on Equal Opportunity (EO) programs that celebrate and hammer home the narrative of how superior a racially diverse fighting force is rather than actually training to enhance their lethality or master their mission set. Every month, with exception of June and July, there is an observance of a particular racial group (unsurprisingly minus White people who came up with the concept of a military) in order to celebrate their meek military-related contributions and achievements. The Jews get both April and May to remember the Holocaust (color me surprised) and they recently gave June to the mentally ill (Gays and other sexual deviants). Hispanics are given September and October. Training is geared toward these monthly themes in addition to elaborate conferences, cake cuttings and meals paid for with taxpayer money all in order to virtue signal to the future inheritors of the Piss World Defense Force charged with indefinite protection of Israel. Simultaneously, the military rampages against sexual harassment and assault with an equally rabid campaign. As inadmissible as these types of acts are, it could be almost entirely mitigated if women weren’t allowed to serve in uniform. It is evidently clear that the military is no place for rugged White males who want to defend their birthright. It’s not by accident, but engineered by malicious, subversive intent.

For the time being, the military will continue to support President Trump on southern border security initiatives that would require them to deploy and serve. However, most would certainly prefer to fight in the Middle East to defend our “Greatest Ally.”

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