The Plight of John Brennan

The Plight of John Brennan

Out of all the major characters in the Russian Collusion Hoax, John Brennan stands out as the worst. The title of “former CIA Director” conferred a level of credibility on the matter that set him apart from virtually everyone else squawking on TV. At the very least, it instilled the perception that his angry commentary was the product of insights coming from an individual privy to the innermost secrets of the US intelligence leviathan.

For those who desperately wanted to believe, Brennan was a legitimate source of the highest order reassuring them to keep the faith. To the wary, the fact that he was putting his reputation on the line in such a dramatic fashion implied that the deep state had some serious chicanery up its sleeve.

It just seemed so ridiculous that someone would set himself up for debilitating embarrassment. It was unseemly enough for a former CIA director to become a talking head on cable news, but Brennan is now stuck with a singular ignominy. Just a few weeks ago, he was still asserting that the sky was about to fall. He became such a ridiculous figure that even CNN is throwing him under the bus.

To the public, the CIA is the preeminent source of intelligence. There are other agencies in the apparatus, but most low-info viewers couldn’t even name one of them. Virtually everyone else who has been parroting this nonsense, from Hillary on down, has a degree of plausible deniability. They can say that they received faulty information, a narrative that most of their supporters would be willing to accept. People won’t buy that line from Brennan.

He’s really quite screwed. Stringing people along by asserting that there’s going to be a bombshell detonating any minute will piss them off when it turns out to be a dud. His plight is exacerbated by the fact that he’s got the physiognomy of an 80’s movie villain who’d be dispatched in some hilariously gruesome manner at the end. The scowl doesn’t help, either.

All of this prompts a few obvious questions:

Is he that dumb?

Maybe Brennan was just spouting off on his own without anyone pulling the strings. The TV checks must be hefty for someone of his unique stature, especially over two years of unprecedented controversy. The USA is on a suicidal trajectory and people clearly aren’t rising to the top in DC via merit. His foolishness would certainly be the simplest explanation.

Was he set up?

Nominal positions of authority have been demonstrated not to bestow the sort of power on the office-holder that the general public has assumed in the past. Perhaps he wasn’t fully “in the loop.” Moreover, the observable effect of the pressure put on Trump via the collusion hoax has been his abandonment of the positions that were popular with his non-traditional Republican voters but anathema to the Establishment’s agenda. If this was the objective from the start, there’d need to be scapegoats once it proved successful and Trump’s ouster became unnecessary and dangerous. Brennan is ideal for that.

Will we ever find out?

What’s most likely is that Brennan will fade from the public spectacle in disgrace and his role will remain a matter of speculation because the chances of some ruthless, years-long Muller-style inquisition into the perpetrators of the hoax are pretty much zero. He’ll never be indicted. It’s an open question whether there’ll even be an ostensible investigation that leads to the prosecution of small fish. Don’t get your hopes up or you’ll have a pitiful breakdown like Rachel Maddow.

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