Why Narcissism Works for Trump but Not Obama

Why Narcissism Works for Trump but Not Obama

Generally, effective orators avoid referencing themselves in favor of their actual subject matter. By doing so, they keep the message free of a narcissistic flavor, which helps impart an impression to the audience that they actually care about said topic. In this context, President Trump presents an extraordinary paradox. He’s notorious for the self-indulgence of his ego in all aspects of his endeavors, including his repetitious style of speaking. Yet, this has proved highly conducive to his political endeavors in way that only applies to him.

Trump praises himself without mercy, inducing emotional meltdowns (bouts of TDS), leading to deranged antics, creating a backlash among those disgusted with the insanity, which returns to Trump in the form of support. It’s a vicious cycle for the damned that’s  proven incredibly effective, regardless of whether it’s his intention or not. Being the cause of a mental affliction on par with Schizophrenia and having it named after oneself is genuinely a historic accomplishment. No one can ever take that from him.

This tactic certainly doesn’t work for his predecessor, who’s on a quest to cash in on his post-presidency with 400k speaking fees. Obama is notoriously prone to lauding himself, particularly when he’s off a teleprompter. It’s impossible not to notice even though the MSM tries to play it down. Just like everybody else on this planet besides Trump, he doesn’t do himself any favors by failing to verbally repress his narcissistic personality.

Lately he’s been repeating the line that his vision for solving the world’s problems entails creating masses of new Barack and Michelle Obamas. He still seems to think he’s some kind of superman from the 2007 posters, even though that backfired years go. Everywhere from Japan to Canada, “millions” is the manpower level he keeps citing for this army of “hope.” Coincidentally, that’s the dollar denomination shelled out by the federal government in security costs every time he goes to line his pockets.

It’s a shame that nobody at these events will ever inquire about how much money it takes to create puppets like the Obamas from scratch. Start with the free tuition at schools for which he was never qualified, all the diversity dollars he collected doing nothing productive before his political career began, and finally the enormous financial resources expended by Goldman Sachs and the banking oligarchy to make him president. The figure would be staggering.

What would really be nice is the follow up question: So, we got the “hope” but where’s the “change”? In other words, prove you’re not a puppet. His presidency brought an expansion of neocon wars, served as legal and media cover for fraud and outright theft by the banks, inflamed racial tensions for which it was touted as a cure, and left the country on the brink of crisis.

His value was never to people of the world. It was in serving as a façade to the ignorant and naïve for what was actually going on with the administration that bore his name. A different face to serve the same function will always be sought, but Obama personally is a one-off trick. That’s just the nature of the role. Who needs millions more of him?

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