Congress Holds White Nationalism Hearings

Congress Holds White Nationalism Hearings

Among the least remarkable news from this week was that on Tuesday morning, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on “Hate Crimes & White Nationalism” to examine ” the spread of white identity ideology.” Here’s the statement posted online. All the familiar tropes are there, citing UTR as a terrorist attack, blaming the Trump administration for mass murder, conflating white nationalism with “hate,” terror,” and “extremism.” Nothing new, down to the intention to explore “what social media companies can do to stem white nationalist propaganda and hate speech online.” That in itself would be ominous if we hadn’t already been dealing with it for nearly 3 years.

Of course, this farcical proceeding featured no actual spokesperson for the subject. That was guaranteed from the moment it was conceived. The notion that White people have a set of interests and an identity worth preserving is perfectly reasonable. Nobody would dare make the opposite contention about any other demographic on this planet. It’s therefore necessary to set up a straw man (extremism & violence) to burn. Otherwise, it’s the inquisitors who would be acknowledging themselves as hateful.

Articulating White “identity” or “nationalism” entails bringing up a simple set of logical talking points consistent with reality. An intelligent teenager possessing a cursory familiarity with the issue is capable of this task because there’s zero sophistry required. In order to successfully refute criticism, one must simply maintain his composure and inquire: Why is ______ okay for you people but not for us? Hypocrisy eventually defeats itself but an articulate debater with an arsenal of examples would’ve quickly turned the show trial into a rout. It’s doubtful any such individuals will ever grace a committee hearing room.

Still, the inquisitors managed to put on a now-customary clown show. The whole thing was presided over by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a corpulent tribal partisan who puts his own name in triple parentheses. The chairman did his best to sound serious in a stereotypical NYC Jewish accent. He opened by citing the preamble to the US Constitution, a White Nationalist document composed by White Nationalists, as justification for holding a hearing to vilify White Nationalists.

The Republicans produced their ace, the “woke black conservative” Candace Owens who played the closest thing to a devil’s advocate. She was somberly interrogated by Rep. Ted Lieu about her admiration for Hitler. He produced a voice recording in a real “gotcha” moment. The Black Nazi finally dragged into daylight was probably the most entertaining bit. Rep. Pramila Jayapal accusing her of inspiring the NZ shooting was a close second.

Most of it was tiresome and predictable as gravity. Owens did the exasperating “dr3” platitudes. The president of the Zionist Organisation of America, Morton Klein, who has Tourette’s Syndrome, launched his testimony by referencing the Holocaust before moving on to an emotional diatribe about “Muslim antisemitism.” A Muslim, Dr. Mohammad Abu-Salha, fired back with an accusation of Islamophobia. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus did their low-IQ antics.

A freshman Republican, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, went on a monologue about how he’s “very proud” that his first remarks in the House “were to condemn White Nationalism and White Supremacy” during the defenestration of Rep. Steve King. He then went on to berate Democrats for being insufficiently anti-antisemitic and bemoaned on the evil of the BDS movement. Sad, pathetic, typical.

If you’ve got several hours and you’re still seriously considering whether or not this country is now a joke, perhaps check it out.

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