Mexico Detains U.S. Soldiers, While Pentagon Prepares Nuclear Strikes Against Russia

Mexico Detains U.S. Soldiers, While Pentagon Prepares Nuclear Strikes Against Russia

If you somehow haven’t heard by now, on the afternoon of April 13th, a group of Mexican soldiers were patrolling north of the Rio Grande. Like hundreds of thousands of their countrymen this year, they’d entered into the USA illegally. Upon encountering foreign troops on American soil, the vaunted US military responded in a manner commensurate to our current level of national dignity.

According to a NORTHCOM spokesman:

Throughout the incident, the U.S. soldiers followed all established procedures and protocols,” and “the US soldiers were appropriately in US territory.” So, of course our troops voluntarily disarmed “in an attempt to de-escalate a potential volatile situation.”

Bear in mind that this is an organization incapable of utilizing conventional language to parsimoniously convey an accurate description of anything. Thus, soldiers are “warfighters,” officers “military professionals,” etc.

Translated from Pentagonese, they SURRENDERED. The days of the Alamo are long gone.

Here’s a damning take on the incident:

“Zach Taylor, a retired 26-year veteran of the Border Patrol who has formed a group of retired border agents to better educate the public on the border, told CR that he is convinced these Mexican soldiers were making a political statement. ‘At the reported location the Rio Grande River is distinct and easily identified in relation to the actual international boundary,’ asserted Taylor, who still lives near the border in Arizona. ‘That one of the supposed Mexican soldiers took one sidearm from an American and put it in the American vehicle is curious, as if the Mexicans knew exactly who they encountered, where they were encountered, and were simply making a statement. What the purpose of that statement was is open to broad speculation, but on the face of it, this was probably political – as in showing that to Mexico, borders mean nothing.’ Taylor confirmed that he regularly saw this behavior during his time in the Border Patrol.”

This is yet another incident to file under Sad Statements on the Laughable Late Stage of America. Depending upon how jaded you’re feeling, perhaps this was shameful enough to move the emotional needle a bit. Or, maybe not. We’ve all been through quite a bit at this point.

Let’s contrast this with what Uncle Sam was up to just a couple weeks earlier. Not on our border, of course, but Russia’s: Conducting mock nuclear strikes against Moscow and St. Petersburg with B-52 bombers.

This exercise isn’t being cited because it’s more reckless than usual or exceptionally indicative of our idiotic national security priorities. It’s just that it nicely illustrates how our vastly over-funded military concerns itself with preparing for a conflict across the globe that nobody wants, while at home the nation rapidly succumbs to an open border without a shot being fired, just as our soldiers surrendered to the Mexicans.

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