SCOTUS to Decide Whether Employers Can Discriminate Against Homosexuals, Trannies

SCOTUS to Decide Whether Employers Can Discriminate Against Homosexuals, Trannies

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the Civil Rights Act protects against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and “gender identity.” Specifically, SCOTUS will look at whether Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prevents workplace discrimination against the assorted freaks.

According to the National Law Journal, there is currently a circuit split between the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, which found that Article VII protects against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and the 11th circuit, which found that it does not. Two of the three petitions to SCOTUS come from these decisions, which stemmed from lawsuits alleging wrongful termination on the basis of homosexuality. The 11th circuit opinion, Bostock v. Clayton County, involved a county child welfare services coordinator who claimed he was fired for being a homosexual. Refreshingly, the court ruled against him, creating a rare instance of justice being served in the United States. Because of the high rate of child molestation among homosexuals, Clayton County made the right decision to protect the children this pervert wanted to be around. A blanket ban on homosexuals operating in child services would be a preferable outcome, but the court of appeals holding up Clayton County’s right to terminate the sodomite is a good step.

The third petition is from R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a 2018 opinion from the 6th circuit, which ruled against a funeral home which fired an employee who was “transitioning from male to female.” This ruling is far more disturbing than the 2nd circuit opinion in favor of the homosexual. Not only should trannies not be protected by the Civil Rights Act, their “identity” should never be considered legitimate, and should be classified as a mental disorder, as it was before this push to normalize these freaks started.

The letter of the law is clear: an employer cannot discriminate on the basis of sex, as in whether one is male or female. In this context, sex has nothing to do with whether you engage in sodomy, or have a mental illness that causes you to pretend to be of the opposite sex. However, two of the three rulings being petitioned to the court ignored the law and made activist rulings negating the language in Title VII.

As for SCOTUS, the ruling looks close to a tossup. As usual, the law matters little to none to the outcome. There should be four opinions which uphold the right to discriminate against homosexuals and trannies coming from Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Thomas, and Alito. The kosher side of the court will ignore the law and write their own. That leaves Chief Justice John Roberts, once again, as the swing vote. Judging based off his past record, there is a good chance he sides with the (((liberals))). This is not about the law, it is about politics and ideology. He has shown that he ideologically sides with the liberals on most cultural issues.

The state of justice in America is a sad one. Even in the clearest cut of cases, there will be at least four justices disregarding the law and Constitution in favor of their own biases. This will be no different.

Jay Lorenz

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