The Left’s New Definition of Violence is Any Speech Offensive to a Person of Color

Ilhan Omar and her colleagues are giving nationalists a gift by escalating identity politics to insane and ridiculous extremes.

The Left’s New Definition of Violence is Any Speech Offensive to a Person of Color

The leftist “resistance” against Donald Trump has unwittingly done incredible damage to their own side, and has been the saving grace for a presidency that has offered much bluster but remains lean on actual accomplishments.

Freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, an Islamic migrant imported from Somalia, has hijacked the national spotlight and may blow up her party as a result. She received bipartisan chastisement for the unforgivable sin of pointing out Israeli influence, but has survived and continues gaining momentum as her victim status provides her a handy shield that can even deflect coordinated Jewish attacks.

Omar is dominating headlines again after President Trump and Republicans keyed in on a throw-away line from a speech she gave last month. While describing the Sept. 11 attacks in the context of Muslim victimhood, she said “some people did something” referring to the terrorists. This caused the president and his social media surrogates to immediately pounce.

While Omar’s clips in their full context are hardly scandalous, she was clearly attempting to minimize the Sept. 11 attacks to focus on the so-called “civil rights” of Muslims. She was also misrepresenting facts, as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was founded seven years before the attacks to line Muslims up at the federal trough to rob whitey like so many other minority groups have done so successfully.

The real scandal here is that Omar was fundraising for CAIR, an organization affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, to undermine the rule of law and further undermine what’s left of traditional Christian values in the US. Omar has the nerve to complain about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) while she fundraises for the Islamic equivalent of that organization. While she may be an occasional foil of the Jews, she is far from an ally to nationalists.

The left is frequently claiming that President Trump is promoting literal violence against Omar by pointing out Omar’s words and reminding Americans of the popular story of what occurred on Sept. 11. The repetition of the talking point from so many different Democratic mouthpieces shows that this line of messaging was ordered from the top.

Omar’s words were used by Republicans in almost the exact same manner that white nationalist icon Candace Owens’ words were used by the Democrats, just days prior. In making a semi-coherent point, Owens was taken out of context by her rivals who claim she supports Adolf Hitler. What really happened is two women who are wholly undeserving of their platform that were elevated into positions of influence due to minority victim privilege showcased their anemic grasp of the English language and set themselves up for embarrassment as a result.

Shameful displays from Omar, Owens, and other ferals give us opportunities to shift the Overton Window. When the political sphere descends to low IQ minorities spouting extremist gibberish, it becomes more difficult for the system to maintain legitimacy. It also proves what those on the dissident right have been saying for generations. White people are already considered second-class citizens a decade before they are even a minority in their own nation, and the idea of America becoming a third-world hellscape like South Africa or Zimbabwe is seeming more likely.

Trump’s gutter style of politics and giddiness to fan the flames is exacerbating the unwinding of the system. As much of a disappointment he has been on policy, he is still incredibly useful in this regard in a way that nobody can possibly sustain following him. Imagine a best case scenario where Trump gets two terms, the economy holds up, and he can claim he fulfilled his mandate. His likely successor—a tough-sounding neocon like Tom Cotton or Nikki Haley—will maintain Trump’s lousy policies without the populist style. The Democrats are in a situation where they cannot take a deep breath, be introspective, and regroup because of how triggered they are. Going head-to-head with Trump has robbed them of all self-awareness, and we must strike while they are most vulnerable because time is of the essence.

While the Left likes to whine about mostly non-existent threats to their safety, the Right is dealing with real, tangible oppression. Putting aside Charlottesville and the subsequent Orwellian crackdown that shows no sign of stopping, there have been countless instances of actual violence and terrorism perpetrated against mainstream Trump supporters. Suspicious white powder being sent to lawmakers, Proud Boys getting charged after being ambushed by ANTIFA thugs, Tucker Carlson’s house being besieged by that same group of thugs, the attempted assassination of Steve Scalise, the neighborly ambush of Rand Paul, the young people ambushed during Inauguration Day protests, and so on. All of these instances have since been memory holed, while proven left-wing hate hoaxes are still considered legitimate in polite society.

The status quo has gotten this bad because of the passive acquiesce of the majority. After all, the cucked whites of Minnesota will let the Muslim invaders into their community, throw a ticker-tape parade to welcome them, and then argue for more lenient sentences for them after they rape their daughters. Their willingness to sacrifice their own families on the altar of tolerance is a disgrace, but will ultimately be a political gift for us. With Ilhan Omar’s district being a terrorist hotbed resembling little Mogadishu thanks to the federally-funded refugee resettlement program, she will likely be a long-term fixture in the Congress. She will continue to be a reminder of the failures of public policy since the World Trade Center attacks.

Republicans, in predictable fashion, are already attempting to blow the incredible opportunity. Clueless putz Jack Posobiec is calling for the impeachment and removal of Ilhan—exactly the opposite of what the Republicans need for victory right now. It should be moderate Democrats who want her out, not Republicans. This also allows her to play the victim, claiming there is a conspiracy of white men out to get her. Other even dumber Republicans are using the case to wax retarded about the good ol’ days of George W. Bush, lauding him because he read hackneyed tropes given to him by Jews in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. While that is predictable, their counter-productive rhetoric will not ruin the opening for white nationalism.

Omar repeatedly excusing terrorism and then scapegoating so-called white racists when she is held accountable for her words is changing perceptions. Horsefaced Paki Rashida Tlaib, also a Muslim, getting dragged out of protests in handcuffs will force more Americans to confront the realities of multiculturalism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposing blatant totalitarian communism under the guise of environmentalism has the same effect. Because the Democrats sincerely believe their own bullshit, they cannot lift a finger to oppose these women. They are women of color whose experience cannot be discounted. They were muted for millennia by the patriarchy and now they will not be silenced. The next step for the alt right is to give our berserk opposition the rope with which to hang themselves.

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